Friday, December 11, 2009

Emma Pillsbury Fashion Caps - Sectionals - Winter White Cardigan

Ta da! A new cardi! Emma makes moony eyes at Will in her office wearing a beautiful winter white cardigan with leaf embroidery.

Later, we see that she's wearing this piece with the robin's egg blue J.Crew bow skirt, and a stellar pair of red t-strap pumps.

Now. I'm not going to call this a "criticism" of the show per se, because I would marry Glee, if only it were legal. Maybe one day we will be able to marry the television show of our choice. Maybe one day.

But I digress.

One of the reasons I love Glee is because every character is a bit hyperbolic, a bit stereotypical, and a bit over-the-top. Even so, there's something incredibly relatable about every one of them, and that's what draws me in and allows me to suspend all disbelief for sixty glorious minutes every Wednesday night.

There's just this one thing.

I am a teacher. I work with hundreds of students on a daily basis, and I am on my toes every minute of the day, literally and figuratively. There is no way on earth, none whatsoever, that I would ever ever ever in a million, billion, trillion years, be able to wear Miss Emma Pillsbury's wardrobe to work. By the end of the day, I would be crawling on the floor in pain from running around in cute Mary Jane pumps all day. I'm sure I would split a pencil-skirt seam sitting cross-legged on the floor, and never mind what kinds of stains I would end up with on my supersoft cardigan.

The few "Professional Development Days" we have each year are what we fashion-conscious, yet practical, teachers mark with big red circles on our calendars. On these days, we break out our bow-tie blouses, our narrowest skirts, our peep-toe heels, and we rejoice. Oh yes, we rejoice. For on these days, we can be cute.

Oh, and if we ever pulled any of these adorably insecure faces in front of our students...

They would...





Anonymous said...

I really like that cardigan. From a distance the leaves almost look like snowflakes, which makes the winter white even more wintery. Very pretty.

I love seeing pieces pop up over and over again, like the skirt. That aqua-ish blue is so pretty, and it's been paired with colors I never would have thought to put with it, like the pale blue cardigan in "Ballad" and the insane yellow blouse in "Vitamin D".

You're right, her clothes are so unrealistic for a teacher -- not just comfort-wise, but also price-wise. What teacher can afford to spend $300 on a skirt or $200 on a cardigan? But thank goodness for the fantasy, because Emma's look is so inspirational and so much fun. :)


Anonymous said...

She's a guidance counsellor though. They tend to just sit around all day.

Tracie said...

I taught 1st grade for 5 years and I wore stuff like this alot.

Sofia said...

I agree with you on that one!

As you pointed out before, for examle with the Military Cardigan, most people couldn't pull that off in "the real world". Particulary in Sweden, where I live, you are not supposed to look too cute at the office and most women don't wear high heels to work (especially this time of year, with the potential snow, you can forget about those mary janes!)

Secondly, also pointed out before, who could afford these clothes on a teacher salary?

I therefore propose a new blog category: Emma-esque outfits IRL, that you or readers actually wore to work/school. I'd submit at least once a week!

Danielle said...

I just noticed that the book on her desk is called "Germs!" HAHAHAHAHAHA! Absolutely brilliant!

Anonymous said...

But what else does Miss Emma have to spend her money on?

I really think that cardi is vintage..

Alison said...

The "They Wuld Eat Us Alive" true!

angie.a said...

I don't know...I teach HS and I wear similar things alot. My shoes aren't $300 shoes though, hahahaha!! I DO have several pair of similar styled pumps that are fabulous and comfortable. Naturalizer (I know, bespeaketh granny, right?) actually has some amazingly cute and super comfy shoes that I can wear all day. I have a few other pairs I've stumbled across too. For me, it's the bigger heel base. I can't do a pointy heel all day. Sigh.

No way an elementary teacher could get away with this stuff though, or even MS.

BTW, I teach (so I'm poor, HA!) but I also sew...thus Emma's looks are super fun to try and knock off with my trusty sewing machine!