Friday, December 11, 2009

Emma Pillsbury Style - Get The Look - T-Strap Pumps

This title is a bit misleading since I haven't been able to actually find the winter white cardigan yet. It looks Anthropologie to me, but I'm still hunting for it.

I am reasonably confident, however, that Emma is wearing these shoes:

D&G by Dolce & Gabbana Angie T-Strap Heels in Rosa Red at $273

A plethora of T-strap pumps:

I own the pumps from Target. They're vegan-friendly, comfortable, and inexpensive. These shoes by Xhilaration get the WWEPW stamp of approval!


Possessionista said...

I just got confirmation that the cardigan is vintage, and Lou found it at a consignment shop.


Love the blog, can't wait to follow in the spring.

The Possessionista

Danielle said...

Double drat. Well, I guess I can stop searching high and low for it!

I've actually been wondering why we haven't seen more vintage pieces on Emma - I would imagine it would be great fun to scour the vintage shops and websites for vintage-gone-modern clothes for her.

Thanks for the update on the sweater! :)

goldenmeans said...

Oh gosh, it kills me that that cardi is vintage. It was heartstopping and I wanted it bad! Bad I tell you! Oh well. Thank you Possessionista for letting us know, I was about to beg Danielle here to track it down for me ;)

Anonymous said...

I knew it!!
This is a great site for vintage cardis...

Teresa said...

Oh those T-strap heels...oh how I long for them!

Gail@FootSmart said...

I like the black and white shoes best. The shoes would look in a number of other color combinations, such as blue with the white band around the upper foot. The tip of black at the end and beautiful, stylish straps would complement beige as well, or dark red or auburn looking shades.