Saturday, December 12, 2009

Emma Pillsbury Fashion Caps - Sectionals - Red Trench Coat and Blue Mary Jane Pumps

Emma takes the Glee kids to Sectionals in the red Marc by Marc Jacobs trench coat that she wore to the football game in "Preggers." Must be her lucky coat.

The cobalt blue Penelope Mary Jane pumps by J.Crew look fantastic with the red.

"Thanks for taking the kids to Sectionals, Emma. I'm really grateful. Plus I don't want to be seen in public in this jacket that looks like 'Members Only 2009'."

"I'm happy to take them, Will. And I don't want to be seen in public with you in that jacket, either."

"This jacket is terrible. My marriage is terrible. The Ohio Show Choir board is terrible."

"I fart in their general direction!"

"Come on, kids! Perk up!"

"Going last only means we have more time to make scary monster faces at each other!"

"Okay. Maybe not."

Side note: I love the parallels between Rachel and Emma on the show. They're so much alike, down to their red coats.

They're the perfect heroines. I root for Rachel and Emma, not in spite of their quirks and foibles, but because of them.


goldenmeans said...

Oh wow, I never noticed the parallels between them before but you are totally right. I love how it's emphasized with the coats, how clever.

Anonymous said...

i love rachel and emma they are my favourite characters