Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Emma Pillsbury Fashion ID - Promasaurus

Just a few quick glimpses of Emma tonight, but that's all it took to notice that the pink dress she wore under a short white ruffled cardigan was this one:

Kate Spade Siren Dress - $448
(a little cheaper at Zappos - $360 - but only in sizes 6 and 12.)

Get Emma Pillsbury's prom chaperone look on a budget:

AB Studio Solid Sheath Dress - $54
Elementz Short Sleeve Ruffled Cropped Shrug - $31.99

Super cute, and under $100!

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The Lady of the House said...

Hi there! It's actually on clearance on KateSpade.com! $268 isn't exactly a steal, but it's certainly less than it was.

I'm loving your posts! Thanks for all the great info!