Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Emma Pillsbury Fashion ID - The Spanish Teacher

Wowzers. Lots of Emma tonight.

Emma Pillsbury's red,white, and black floral dress and bracelet

Kate Spade Oak Room Nellie Dress - out of stock

Kate Spade Poppy Fields Bracelet - no longer available

Emma Pillsbury's city skyline skirt and red tie-neck sweater

Kate Spade City Lights Lillith Skirt - out of stock

Jones New York Red Tie-Neck Sweater - no longer available

Emma Pillsbury's brown and white polka dot dress

This has to be vintage. It's too amazingly insane to be anything else.

Emma Pillsbury's pink cardigan and brooch

J.Crew Jackie Cardigan - $62

Try DIY-ing Emma's brooch with excellent pieces like this one from Little Miss Chop Shop on Etsy.

Emma Pillsbury's floral skirt

J.Crew Watercolor Floral Skirt - no longer available

Kate Spade Zaria Pumps - $325

Emma Pillsbury's polka dot and striped skirt, and bow blouse

Skirt: One-of-a-kind by Eva Franco. (Thanks to my friends at Eva Franco for this tip!)

Emma Pillsbury's green flower necklace

Kate Spade Glossy Garden Graduated Necklace - $328


Lauren said...

That J.Crew watercolor skirt is old school, but I own it and it’s one of my favorites! Glad to see it’s still in style.

jacquelyn said...

Sob on the Eva Franco skirt being one of a kind. I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Danielle said...

Right, Jacquelyn? It's so fabulous.

Khinna Kaminske said...

Someone must found out where the brown and polka dot shirt is from? It's amazing!

Ashley said...

Wow - so glad you found out about that skirt. I definitely agree that it's a bummer that it's one of a kind though - I fell in love with it on Tuesday night!

Via Los Angeles said...

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The Way We Were said...

How come now I don't see update...Almost missed this post. :)
Today I tried an Emma look: http://way-we-were.blogspot.com/2012/02/dotted-city.html

by the way, blogger now asks us to use 2 verification words. This is painful. I had to turn off mine.

Kylie said...

The brown and white dress is Kate Spade for sure. I have the exact dress but with multi-color spots. The gold buttons and trim are exactly the same style. Mine is called The Tutti Fruiti Shirt Dress and I got it on eBay. I am still coveting the dress in Emma's color way and will let you know if I find it.