Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Grazia Interviews Jayma Mays

...and mentions little 'ol me.

When Emma Pillsbury, the school guidance counsellor with a morbid fear of dirt and disarray, first appeared on Glee, you could have been forgiven for not instantly recognising her as a fashion revolutionary. Cute as a button on a pastel cardigan, sure, but a style icon? Yet that’s what she and her superlative sweater-clips have become. The Guardian recently singled Emma out as one of the best-dressed characters on TV: “Those sugar sorbet shades, those ‘50’s-style shift dresses, that endless selection of delicately embellished cardigans: this isn’t a TV character, this is a model for Marc by Marc Jacobs,” they wrote. New York Magazine ran an Emma lookbook, complete with commentary from Glee’s costume designer, Lou Eyrich (who’s won her own Emmy for her brilliant work). And if that wasn’t enough, check out the twinset homages on - yup, a website that is indeed called What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear? So we decided to take things one step further and get Jayma Mays, the brilliant actress behind our germophobic heroine, to do ‘70’s-inspired high fashion - styled as you’ve never seen her before. And to tell us how it feels to represent a whole new kind of geek chic. Oh yeah, plus indulge us for a second in dishing the dirt on Glee’s, erm, sex ban.

Grazia - So how does it feel to suddenly become a style icon? You must have been over the moon when you saw the blog What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear?

Jayma - Ha! Actually that is thanks to Lou Eyrich, the Glee stylist, not me. She’s the best-dressed lady you will ever meet. She has such an eye for knowing how to dress different types of people.

Jayma's right - this blog is an homage to Lou's genius, but she's a bit too humble. Could anyone but Ms. Mays wear Emma Pillsbury's clothing so well? She's the perfect muse for the look.

Thanks to the very lovely writers at Grazia for mentioning WWEPW!

Hat tip to Your Daily Dose of Jaymamazing for alerting me to this interview.


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