Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Emma Pillsbury Style - Bow Blouse

Looking through my inbox, I'd say the stars have aligned to form the constellation Bowus Blousius. Requests for a reasonably priced white bow blouse, similar to Emma's signature garment, have exploded lately.

I love this Robbi & Nikki Puff Sleeve Bow Blouse for only $60. It's perfect - which of course means it's no longer available at Last Call by Nieman Marcus. Maybe you can find it on eBay, or on the sale racks.

The Cooperative Peter Pan Bow Blouse from Urban Outfitters is a steal at $39.99, and would be perfect under a v-neck cardigan. It reminds me of Emma's blouse from Pilot and Vitamin D.

I'm always on the hunt for the perfect, affordable white bow blouse. When I find it, WWEPWers will be the first to know!


BlondeBrittany said...

I REALLY want a white bow blouse! Ive been waiting for a nice one forever! Please keep us updated if you find anymore!!!

Kaitlin said...

I bought the "Only Style Remains Neck Tie Blouse" from Ruche and it is beautiful AND only $32.99!! It's sold out right now, but you can be put on an email list to notify you when it's back in stock!!

Rebecca Paige said...

I bought a vintage sewing pattern with two different bow blouse styles. Very similar to the ones in your post. That is my solution to affordable bow blouses.

Heather HS said...

I walked past H&M yesterday, and thought I saw one in the window... Of course, I can't find it online, but it might be worth a look!