Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Emma Pillsbury Style - Accessories from Modcloth

I'm so in love with Modcloth lately. When I was perusing the site the other day, discovering all sorts of Emma-worthy finds, I came across some great accessories. Take a look:

If you liked Emma's owl clips from Showmance,

you might like this owl necklace:

Get Wise Necklace - $14.99

If you liked Emma's ladybug necklace from Acafellas,

you might like this ladybug necklace:

Ladybug-in-Waiting Necklace - $19.99

If you liked Emma's bow earrings from Hello,

you might like this bow necklace:

Herring-bow-ne Necklace
- $17.99

If you liked Emma's cherry earrings from The Power of Madonna,

you might like these cherry earrings:

Shirley Temple Earrings - $11.99

If you liked Emma's telephone brooch from Bad Reputation,

you might like this telephone necklace:

Not Taking Calls Necklace - $15.99

If you liked Emma's floral bib necklace from The Rocky Horror Glee Show,

you might like this floral bib necklace:

Peach and Every Flower Necklace - $19.99

If you liked Emma's dancer brooch from Journey,

you might like this dancer necklace:

Watch Me Dance Necklace - $29.99

It's your very own Sophie's Choice.


thealtereggo said...

Modcloth also has this sweater similar to the TWG blue one, but in brown for only $15. only size L left though. http://www.modcloth.com/Cabin+Fever+Sale/Sale+Tops/-Brownie-Batter-Top

AmyB said...

Sophie's Choice!!! It so is.