Monday, February 28, 2011

Emma Pillsbury Style - Target Palooza

Have you been to Target lately? I found myself sidetracked by the adorable new Pillsbury-esque clothes that Buffy Summers would surely deem "stylish but affordable," when I should have been picking up laundry detergent and kitchen sponges.

Check out all the Emma-inspired things I discovered...

If you liked Emma's ruffle front top from Showmance:

you might like this ruffle front top:

Mossimo Ruffle Top - $19.99 (also in black)

If you liked Emma's floral applique cardigan from The Rhodes Not Taken,

you might like this floral applique cardigan:

Merona Artist Light Cardigan - $20 (also in blue and yellow)

If you liked Emma's coral dress from The Rhodes Not Taken,

you might like this coral dress:

Merona Leigh Dress - $39.99

If you liked Emma's floral cardigan from Vitamin D,

you might like this floral cardigan:

Merona Chloe Cardigan - $23.08

If you liked Emma's bulky cardigan from Hairography,

you might like this bulky cardigan:

Ci Sono Short-Sleeve Knit Cardigan - $34.99 (also in pink and purple)

If you liked Emma's lacy blouse from Hello,

you might like this lacy blouse:

Merona Alicia Sleeveless Top - $17.48

If you liked Emma's yellow twistneck dress from Hello,

you might like this twistneck dress:

Merona Twisted Neckline Dress - $39.99 (also in purple and brown)

If you liked Emma's brushstroke cardigan from The Power of Madonna,

you might like this brushstroke cardigan:

Merona Essentials Floral Cardigan - $18 (also in pink, purple, and gray)

If you liked Emma's ruffle front and tweed dress from The Power of Madonna,

you might like this ruffle front and tweed dress:

Merona Claire Dress - $27.98

If you liked Emma's pleated white blouse from The Power of Madonna:

you might like this pleated white blouse:

Merona Bailey Sateen Top - $26.99 (also in orange, black, and petite)

If you like Emma's ivory skirt from Britney/Brittany,

you might like this ivory skirt:

Merona Katrina Jacquard Skirt - $26.99

If you liked Emma's plaid dress from Grilled Cheesus,

you might like this plaid dress:

Merona Josie Basketweave Dress - $27.98

If you liked Emma's yellow blouse from Grilled Cheesus:

you might like this yellow blouse:

Journee Collection 3/4 Sleeve Blouse - $24.99

If you liked Emma's gray jacket from The Rocky Horror Glee Show,

you might like this gray dress:

Merona Leigh Crosshatch Dress - $39.99 (also in petite)

If you liked Emma's white cardigan from A Very Glee Christmas,

you might like this white cardigan:

Merona Essentials Cardigan - $18 (in lots of colors)

If you liked Emma's blue cardigan from Comeback,

you might like this blue cardigan:

Cherokee 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan - $19.99

If you liked Emma's polka dot dress from Blame It On The Alcohol,

you might like this polka dot dress:

Merona Kendall Polka Dot Dress - $39.99

And there were plenty more Emma-worthy finds...

(click on photos to enlarge)

Merona Zea 2fer Dress - $39.99
Merona Balson Dress - $27.98
(both of these dresses were impossibly cute in person)

Merona Etienne Sweater Dress - $49.99
Merona Ponte Side-Tab Dress - $24.99 (also in green and pink and in short-sleeved in red, black, black petite, burgundy, blue, and blue petite)

Merona Eloise Tweed Dress - $27.98
Merona Mya Top - $22.99

Merona Tallara Top in Admiral Blue - $26.99 (also in bone)
Merona Petula Top - $26.99 (also in green and black)
(This entire new Admiral Blue collection is terrific.)

Merona Phiona Skirt in Admiral Blue - $29.99
Merona Zaley Skirt in Dark Rinse - $24.99

Merona Lenora Skirt - $24.99
Merona Jillian Crosshatch Skirt - $24.99
(The Lenora skirt is one of my favorites.)

Merona Adelle Printed Skirt - $26.99 (also in petite)
Merona Parvati Skirt - $24.99

I'm hoping Lou picks up a few of these pieces for Emma to wear in upcoming episodes!

Screencaps courtesy of TV Caps


Anonymous said...

Incredible finds and at Target prices too!!!! I <3 this site.

Olivia @ Swan White Curtain said...

Aw, I have the Merona Mya top and love it! I actually bought it there with a matching orange rhinestoned cardigan. They look so sweet together!

Lemondrop Marie said...

FAB post! I am a target addict I have the Josie dress already. I must have just known it was the right one!

Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
Super cute necklace giveaway!

Tracy said...

Bravo! And thank-you! You have quite the keen eye to be able to match up Emma's wardrobe to Target finds. So many of your comparisons were SPOT-ON! I think I just might be out of laundry soap so I must go to Target to get some more! LOL

no more frump said...

This is such an amazing and fun blog. Thanks for this truly informative post. Awesome!!

Tracie said...

Those are great but sadly I am boycotting Target and will not step foot back in there.

maggie said...

this is so helpful, and you're so cute! thank you!

Rachel said...

Target is really hitting a homerun this Spring. Those are some seriously gorgeous clothes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! For the tips! Awesome post!!! -Kathy

Royaltygirl said...

I have my eye on a yellow cardi from target that I am headed out to get tonight. I really love some of their clothes! This post was super informative and really awesome for the budget conscious!


Sarah said...

I love you, Target!

Anonymous said...
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Peggy said...

i love this post!! I am all about Target! I'm running a Target Reader Outfit feature on my blog right now. It's ridiculous how many of these pieces you listed I already own! haha

Anonymous said...

Stella & Dot actually has an adorable owl necklace