Sunday, February 6, 2011

Emma Pillsbury Trivial Pursuit - The Winners

Glee returns tonight with a special Super Bowl-themed episode, so it's time to put our trivia game to bed. I hope everyone enjoyed this little diversion during the hiatus.

The answer to the last question: Emma's kaleidoscoped jewelry was:
1. J.Crew Ladybug Necklace/Bracelet (first seen in the Pilot)
2. Anthropologie Milky Beaded Coral Cluster Necklace (Mash-Up)
3. Kate Spade Daisy Chain Necklace (Mattress)
4. Forever 21 Pretty Posies Necklace (Rocky Horror Glee Show)
5. Vintage "Hello" Telephone Brooch (Bad Reputation)
6. Unidentified Asymmetric Green Beaded Necklace (Power of Madonna)
7. Kate Spade Poppy Fields Bracelet (Britney/Brittany)
8. Betsey Johnson Cherry Earrings (Power of Madonna)
9. J. Crew Primrose Garden Necklace (Showmance)

The Runners-Up
Third Place: Martine and Meg (15 points each)
Second Place: Nicolle and Angela (17 points each)

The Winner
First Place: Tea (18 points)
Congratulations, Tea! (I have a little gift for you - email me so I can send it to you.)

Thanks to everyone who played along in our trivia game!


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Thank you Danielle for all of your time and effort. It was a fun way to get through the hiatus.