Monday, February 21, 2011

Emma Pillsbury Style - Red Trench Coats

If you like this:

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Kate Spade Elena Trench - $595
Arden B Shirred Double Breasted Coat - $89.99
Jou Jou Coat Wide Collar Belted Trench - $28.99

DKNY Roslyn Flared Trench - $118
DKNY Sabrina Notched Collar Trench - $49.99
Merona Water Repellant Long Trench - $49.99


Leigh said...

I have been in search of the perfect red trench for years! One in just the right shade of red that comes in Tall and is under $100. The search continues...

AmyB said...

SRSLY what is up with Emma's hair?

Sha said...

I'm another one in the searching-for-perfect-red-trench boat! Where is the one Emma's actually wearing from?? Is it an old season Kate Spade?