Saturday, February 26, 2011

Emma Pillsbury Fashion ID - UFOs - Season 2


Unidentified Fabulous Outfits.

When I started WWEPW, I wasn't as diligent about IDing every single piece of Emma's clothes. Translation: ID OCD hadn't kicked in yet.

Instead, I was fixated on finding Emma Pillsbury-esque items to add to my own wardrobe. As a result of this unfortunate misstep in the early days of WWEPW, there are quite a few garments that have yet to be identified. And a few others that I just haven't been able to track down.

Considering the huge number of people who read WWEPW, someone's bound to recognize (or perhaps own!) some of the UFOs, right? WWEPWers have eagle eyes for Emma Pillsbury fashion, after all.

Below you'll find photos and descriptions of all the pieces we have yet to ID on WWEPW. I'm treating anyone who can offer up an ID (first come, first served) on any of these UFOs to an iTune of their choice, to show my gratitude. Email your finds to emmapillsbury at gmail dot com so I can gift the song(s) to you.

Click on any of the photos to enlarge.


Navy ruffle cardigan with polka dot sleeves (reportedly by Parfait)
White blouse (seen frequently)
Ivory pencil skirt
White tie-neck blouse (seen frequently)
Blue/purple short sleeve sweater with shoulder applique
Strawberry pins
Red pencil skirt (seen frequently) - FOUND
White blouse with peter pan collar (seen frequently)
Yellow belt
Ivory blouse with lace detail (also seen in Hello)


Vintage brooch
Blue cardigan with 3/4 length sleeves (seen frequently) - FOUND
Teal mary jane pumps
Coral belt
Ivory skirt
Yellow blouse under bee cardigan


Yellow blouse with frill-neck
Yellow belt
Yellow short-sleeve turtleneck with button sleeves (also seen in Dream On)
Gray fringed jacket with red and white buttons
White tie-neck blouse (seen frequently)
Yellow enamel flower brooch
Yellow belt
Orange bracelet (looks like J. Crew Primrose Garden, but I'm not 100% convinced)
Round brooch
White blouse under bow cardigan


Olive pencil skirt
White blouse with peter pan collar (seen frequently)


Ivory skirt
Three birds brooch
White cardigan
White tie-neck blouse (seen frequently)
Poinsettia brooch


Blue cardigan with 3/4 length sleeves (seen frequently) - FOUND
White blouse under coral sweater (seen frequently)
Turtle brooch


Blue cardigan with 3/4 length sleeves (seen frequently) - FOUND

If anyone can ID any of these pieces (and I haven't even included jewelry, like Emma's gold watch!), WWEPWers would be so grateful. Thanks, everyone!

Most screencaps courtesy of TV Caps.


Anonymous said...

omg! the gold watch and the blue top from the pilot haunts me everyday!

Anonymous said...
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Caroline said...

absolutely loved the purple and red combo from brittney/brittany. She had another purple blouse with a HUGE bow. I can't remember what episode. But if you can recall. Were you able to idenify it??

summerlynnd said...

I really hope someone will recognize the Blue cardigan......

Danielle said...

Still hunting for the right color, but our friend the yellow belt may well be the J Crew Skinny Patent Leather Belt.

Here it is in lavender:

I think the texture and the buckle look right, no?

Alice said...

Not an ID unfortunately, but if you like Emma's turtle brooch then you may be interested in this turtle sweater clip:
Just a thought (:

Anonymous said...

not 100% but might be a close shoes match for Grilled Cheesus:
if you google the shoes or look them up in polyvore you can see an image of the teal version.

Anonymous said...

Im not sure if this will help, but on a bunch of people post pictures of characters from Glee with the brand name of the clothing item.