Saturday, February 26, 2011

Emma Pillsbury Fashion ID - UFOs- Season 1


Unidentified Fabulous Outfits.

When I started WWEPW, I wasn't as diligent about IDing every single piece of Emma's clothes. Translation: ID OCD hadn't kicked in yet.

Instead, I was fixated on finding Emma Pillsbury-esque items to add to my own wardrobe. As a result of this unfortunate misstep in the early days of WWEPW, there are quite a few garments that have yet to be identified. And a few others that I just haven't been able to track down.

Considering the huge number of people who read WWEPW, someone's bound to recognize (or perhaps own!) some of the UFOs, right? WWEPWers have eagle eyes for Emma Pillsbury fashion, after all.

Below you'll find photos and descriptions of all the pieces we have yet to ID on WWEPW. I'm treating anyone who can offer up an ID (first come, first served) on any of these UFOs to an iTune of their choice, to show my gratitude. Email your finds to emmapillsbury at gmail dot com so I can gift the song(s) to you.

Click on any of the photos to enlarge.


Brown pencil skirt
White tie-neck blouse (seen frequently)
Yellow ruffle-collar blouse
Taupe suit with teal turtleneck
Olive sweater
Purple-blue tie-neck blouse (also seen in Vitamin D)
High-waisted gray pencil skirt
Scoop neck sweater with three-button sleeves (also seen in Mattress) - FOUND


Cream and periwinkle cardigan (and blue skirt)
Coral belt
Ribbon cardigan and brooch
Black short-sleeved sweater - FOUND
Blue beaded cardigan
Ivory pleated skirt (also seen in Mattress and Sectionals)
Eggplant and navy (or black?) skirt
Eggplant ruffle-front blouse


Floral print sweater
Coral pencil skirt (also seen in Preggers and Vitamin D) - FOUND
Print ruffle blouse (under yellow cardigan)
Yellow jacket and brooch


Coral pencil skirt (also seen in Acafellas and Vitamin D) - FOUND
Red Beret
Tie-neck sweater (also seen in Sectionals)
Navy pencil skirt (also seen in The Rhodes Not Taken)


Purple pearl necklace/brooch
White tie-front blouse (also seen in Pilot, Showmance and Vitamin D)
Navy sweater with zig-zag striped trim
Red pencil skirt (also seen in Sectionals and Bad Reputation) - FOUND
White blouse with peter pan collar (worn frequently)
Navy pencil skirt (also seen in Preggers)
White tie-neck blouse
Blue pleated cap-sleeve blouse
Gold pendant


White blouse with lace detail - FOUND
Blue tie-neck blouse (also seen in Pilot)
White tie-neck blouse (also seen in Pilot, Showmance, The Rhodes Not Taken)
Ivory sweater with peter pan collar and daisy pin
White blouse with ruffle-front and sleeves
Coral pencil skirt (also seen in Acafellas and Preggers) - FOUND


Navy pencil skirt (also seen in Preggers and The Rhodes Not Taken)
White blouse with peter pan collar (seen frequently)
Vintage wedding dress


White tie-neck blouse (seen frequently)
Coral short-sleeved sweater
Pendant necklace


Blue sweater with big buttons - FOUND


Blue scoop neck sweater with three-button sleeve (Also seen in Pilot) - FOUND
White pleated skirt (also seen in Showmance and Sectionals)
Felted wool embroidered sweater
White jacket
White bracelet


Ivory embroidered cardigan
White tie-neck blouse (seen frequently)
Red Pencil Skirt (also seen in The Rhodes Not Taken and Bad Reputation) - FOUND
Ivory sweater with ribbon (also seen in Preggers) - FOUND
Ivory pleated skirt (also seen in Showmance and Mattress)
Ivory beret


Ivory blouse with lace front (also seen in Britney/Brittany)
Flower brooch
Vintage ladybug cardigan
Green pencil skirt (also seen in A Very Glee Christmas)
Gold necklace with baubles and lemon wedges - FOUND


White tie-neck blouse (seen frequently)
Green and gold beaded necklace
Vintage peignoir set (dyed purple by costume department)
Purple cable-knit sweater
White blouse with pleated trim


White blouse (seen frequently)
Red pencil skirt (also seen in The Rhodes Not Taken and Sectionals) - FOUND


Yellow short-sleeved turtleneck sweater with button detail on sleeves


White tie-neck blouse (seen frequently)
White blouse with peter pan collar (seen frequently)

If anyone can ID any of these pieces (and I haven't even included jewelry, like Emma's gold watch!), WWEPWers would be so grateful. Thanks, everyone!

Season 2 coming up!

Most screencaps courtesy of TV Caps.


My Beth Lecroy said...

Ravelry, a page for crochet, has a group on it that has had a bunch of people trying to make the red beret in a comparable pattern. ;)

Danielle said...

Cool, thanks!

goldenmeans said...

The white blouse with lace detail is from J.Crew. It was offered only in stores (it had a special label inside, like "The J.Crew Workshop" or something like that) in Spring '08. Here's a picture I took for a dressing room review on my blog a long time ago -- unfortunately, I never ended up writing the review so I don't have too many other details for you! I did end up buying it for my mom for Mother's Day, so I can probably get you a better picture of it if you'd like :) I was sure you knew this one, otherwise I would have offered up the info long ago!

goldenmeans said...
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Tea said...

This makes me crazy happy! Really you have no idea ... there are so many pieces I love in that list and I've been hoping to know more about them for ages. In fact I'm kinda delighted that the OCD is catching because I have complete confidence that with all the amazing WWEPW readers out there these mysteries will be solved in no time :)

Danielle said...

Thank you - you are a doll! Email me - I'd like to send you a song! (Better than listening to me sing you a song...) :)

goldenmeans said...

(Ahem, the blouse from Vitamin D btw, sorry I forgot to specify! And I meant Spring '09 :))

Anonymous said...

The white blouse goldenmeans identified is on ebay:

Tea said...

I think the necklace Emma wears with her Walter eyelet jacket in Hello is by Kate Spade. These lemon wedge earrings were part of the Summer 09 collection and I think there was a necklace too but I can't find a picture right now. But the lemon wedges look like a good match.

Tea said...

Oh here it is!

Caroline said...

where is the purple blouse under th power of madonn pix...I'm n luv with it and have been wondering where its from sincethis episode first aired. I WANT!!

Danielle said...

I always thought the black sweater from Showmance and the pink/coral sweater from Ballad looked like the Cashmere Short Sleeve Tee from J Crew:

Black is just about always in stock. I can't seem to find the exact name of the coral color, but I'm pretty sure I've seen it before.

Also, Caroline, that purple blouse is actually part of a Kate Spade dress we ID'd when the episode first aired. Here are the posts:

Betty said...

Could the coral pencil skirt be this one from JCrew by any chance? They at least look similar to me.

Tea said...
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Caroline said...

Thanks Danielle! my heart is at peace now ;) I didn't find out about this site right before season 2 started so I'm catching up on all your IDs.

Danielle said...

I'm not 100% sure if this is the right match for the coral/pink top in Ballad because the lighting is so different, but I did find a picture of the J Crew Cashmere Short Sleeve Tee in Peony:

Also, can't find the name of this color, but it's another possibility:

Tea said...

Oooh Danielle I think you might have it with the second one - good find!

The finish of the sleeves looks a good match and the colour seems good too - bearing in mind how different the colour can seem on television. I think the short blue sleeved sweater from the pilot and Matress is a good example of this since it appears to be quite a different blue in Matress (I'd say it looks more teal) - that is if they are indeed the same sweater in the same colour.

Danielle said...

I'm very uncertain about this one, but feel like I might as well submit it for review.

Could this be a different colored counterpart to the periwinkle pleated blouse from Rhodes? I can't tell whether the pleating is different or if that's just the way the blouse hangs on the mannequin.

korovka said...

The Purple-blue tie-neck blouse is from Banana Republic from their Holiday 2008 collection. It has gold buttons (not real) on the short sleeves. Proud to say that I own that blouse and still wear it fairly often (coincidentally, also with a gray skirt!)