Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Emma Pillsbury Style Under $100 - Purple Monochromatic Outfit

Hey, you. The one who googled "emma pillsbury green pea coat." Or "emma pillsbury bee sweater." Or "emma pillsbury plaid dress." I'm glad you found WWEPW. Most of Emma's clothes from Glee are here. Pull up a chair. Get comfy. Stay a while.

But what about you? The one who googled, and found the item you were searching for, and fell in love. But then you saw the price tag. And your heart sank. Don't worry. There's hope.

The most common email I get from readers - probably twenty times a day - is this: "I love Emma's style, but her clothes are just too expensive for me. Can you help me get Emma's look on a budget?"

I can! I can help! Here's the deal: I'll help you put together Emma-worthy outfits for under $100, but you have to invest in a great pair of shoes, first. Emma's no Imelda Marcos - she has a few choice pairs that she rotates with her outfits. You don't have to spend a fortune on shoes to get a great look. Just buy one or two pairs that will go with everything, and I'll do the rest.

First up: a budget friendly monochromatic look.

Old Navy Women's Facet Button Cardigan - $20
Coldwater Creek Tweed Pencil Skirt - $29
Selected Femme Dobby Cotton Frill Front Blouse - $30
Talbots Skinny Belt - $16

Total Cost - $95

Which of Emma's looks would you like to duplicate on a budget? Leave your request in the comments!


Betty said...

This is the best idea I've heard all day! I love this look and can't wait to see more!

Halle said...

Dolphin blouse and J. Crew bow skirt in the locker room!

vacantmuse said...

If you find me a cheap version of the IYB (esp. if it does plus sizes!) then i may just marry you. :D
Also: the peacoats! the red and the green. good coats are hard to find but surely exist for under $100 somewhere???

Sarah said...

Yes! The IYB!

american girl primitives said...

Thanks so much, some teachers are on a budget, LOL!

Kelly said...

This is perfect! Thanks!

Melissa said...

You are amazing for finding budget friendly Emma styles. If you can find them in fluffy girl sizes, I may just have to lay a big wet smooch on you.

PS-I don't mean to terrify you with the threats of the sloppy buss. I would just be that grateful. :)

very married said...

i'm so glad i stumbled upon your site! i love it!