Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Emma Pillsbury Trivial Pursuit - Question 1

It's hiatus time again, and we need something to keep us going until Glee returns with new episodes - and new outfits - in February.

How much do you know about Emma Pillsbury's clothes? Can you spot the two top buttons of a Jackie cardigan from a mile away? Do you stalk eBay on a daily basis for a pair of yellow and green PMJs in your size?

It's time for the fashion feats of strength!

How to Play:
For each trivia question, email your answer to me at emmapillsbury at gmail dot com. (Please do not leave your answer in the comments.)

Aaaand, that's pretty much it! I'll post a list of names and point totals with each new question, along with the correct answer from the previous one. At the end of the trivia contest, the three players with the highest score will receive a little gift from me. Ready? Okay!

Question 1: What do all four of these thumbnail pictures have in common?

Answers will be accepted until 6PM EST tomorrow!

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Danielle said...

Remember - email your answers to me, please!