Monday, December 20, 2010

Channeling Emma - Jenna Ushkowitz

The coat that launched a thousand OMGs:

appears on another Glee cast member. Did Jenna Ushkowitz raid the Emma Pillsbury section of the wardrobe trailer before a recent trip to London?

Unfortunately, this is what I refer to as an "Oh, girl, NO" look.

As in, "Oh, girl, NO, you did not just wear those beat up combat boots and that bag with a gorgeous Kate Spade coat!"

Love Jenna, but this look is not working!

Thanks to WWEPWer Sarah for the tip!


vacantmuse said...

i have no problem with the combat boots, i can't i wear them with everything - i'm more worried about the non-matching shade of green on the long sleeves. i'm a colour-snob! XD
Amber, meanwhile, rocks the house as per usual.
But really, who wouldn't raid the Emma Pillsbury wardrobe given the chance?

Kelsey said...

The coat looked so much better on Emma! Jenna didn't even tie up the collar... i'm calling this one a fail!

Laurelann said...

I think it's edgy and I like seeing Ms. Pillsbury's pieces repurposed. :)

Anonymous said...

Repurposed is one thing, beat up combat boots and that bag and that hat and those unmatching green sleeves are another. A definite fail.

Meaghan said...

I saw someone wearing this coat the other day and my mind exploded.