Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Sisterhood of the Baking Shoes

If you haven't heard, Jayma Mays has teamed up with Glad products to bring awareness (and money!) to Cookies for Kids Cancer™, a nonprofit organization that relies on good old-fashioned bake sales for fundraising.

Glad to Give is donating all proceeds from these efforts to pediatric cancer research.

In a recent appearance on Access Hollywood, Jayma talked about this wonderful cause while decorating cookies in the most amazing pair of Kate Spade shoes...

Move over, Dorothy. There's a new girl in town.

Kate Spade Charm Slingback Pump
(ballet flat version - Kate Spade Nell Glitter Flat)

Gorgeous, right?

Now, picture this. Gleehab's Rachel happens to own these very shoes. And like Jayma, Rachel has a heart of gold. "What good are a pair of shoes if they can't be shared?" thought Rachel. And so, among a group of Jayma's biggest fans, an idea was born.

Their mission: To take The Baking Shoes on an international journey. The Baking Shoes will visit the homes of no less than six lovely ladies, including our own Nicolle. What adventures these shoes will have remains a mystery for now, but you can find out on their blog: The Sisterhood of the Baking Shoes and on Twitter @BakingShoes.

Their goal: At the end of the journey, the shoes will be sold. 100% of the sale price will be donated to Cookies for Kids Cancer™ in Jayma Mays' name. The benefactor of this project will have a beautiful pair of shoes to wear, and a tale of friendship and fun to tell. The Official Code of the Sisterhood explains it all...

For more information on donating to this charity, visit the Glad to Give facebook page.

The Sisterhood of the Baking Shoes has the right idea.

If we're going to kick cancer's butt, we should do it in a fabulous pair of shoes.


Emma said...

that's a good idea! good luck!!!

Liza Jane said...

I love this! What a great idea!

Kathy said...

What size are the shoes, does anyone know? I want to know whether to start saving my pennies for the sale at the end!

Danielle said...

I believe they're 9s, Kathy! :)