Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Channeling Emma - Nicolle's Mash-Ups

Oh, Emma, where have you been? Are you at home, removing scuff marks from your walls with a Magic Eraser? Are you living on the edge, having dinner at a family-style Italian restaurant where all the food touches? Or are you out of town at a pamphlet-making conference? Wherever you are, we miss you.

Luckily, Nicolle stepped in to fill the fashion void left by Emma's absence!
Hold on to your PMJs because this channeling Emma is like nothing I've done before! The concept this time is using pieces Emma has worn on the show (or similar ones) and creating different outfit combinations. Think of it as playing dress up in Emma's closet, or a clothing mash-up, if you will. Hope you all enjoy!
This is my favorite Channeling Emma yet!

Mash Up #1
Milly Striped Sweater, J.Crew Double Serge Bow Skirt, J.Crew Spencer Mary Janes in Black, Vintage telephone brooch

Mash-up #2
Marc Jacobs Bow Skirt, Forever 21 Silhouette Cardigan, J.Crew Spencer Mary Janes in Black, Juicy Couture Stacking Rings

Mash Up #3
J.Crew Watercolor Floral Skirt, J.Crew Bouquet Cardigan, J.Crew Ladybug Bracelet (formerly a necklace), J.Crew Augusta Peep toes, Tommy Hilfiger Blouse, Club Monaco Bow Ring

Mash Up #4
J.Crew Jardin Jacquard Skirt, J.Crew Spencer Mary Janes in Gold, H&M Bow Front Blouse

Mash Up #5
Marc Jacobs Brodie Check Dress, Kate Spade Daisy Necklace, J.Crew Spencer Mary Janes in Gold, Old Navy Cardigan

Nicolle, you're amazing! Which of Nicolle's looks is your favorite?


sherry said...

OMG! All of the outfits are so CUTE! I loved this and thank you for sharing!

Siobhan said...

These outfits are really cute. Love it

AmyB said...

Um, Nicolle, will you be my sugar momma and buy me pretty clothes like Emma's?

Carol said...

These outfits are so fabulous! I want!!! (And Nicolle is SO adorable! She's the perfect model for them!)

vacantmuse said...

i love that Nicolle's hair has swoosh! XD
all the outfits look great, i bet we'll see Emma mixing and matching some of these pieces together in the future!!

Corbyjane said...

The first one! Gotta love the bow skirt!

emily said...

Ahhh, your wardrobe and style are amazing! So cute! Love everyone one of the outfits :)

Anonymous said...

I discovered your blog & fell instantly for Emma's fashion style, and decided to check out Glee - I've watched 3 episodes now and haven't seen Emma yet!

Onella said...

These are amazing!
My favorite is number 2, I love the colors!

Anonymous said...

Love the last outfit with the check dress and blue cardi, but where can I find Emma's The famous J.Crew Spencer MJ's. I've looked everywhere. I need a size 9.

Meghan said...

Wow! I especially adore mash-up #3. So pretty! And everytime I see someone wearing the Double Serge Bow skirt, it makes me want it even more!
I take it this post means Emma wasn't on last night's episode? :( I DVRed it and now I don't even feel like watching...checking out Emma's outfits is the best part!

Becky Lee said...

Bow Skirt w/ Anything = love. I am dying for one. Hoping it comes up on Gleebay in my non-size 4 size. :) Nicolle, you are truly an auction Diva! Surely you have scored many of these pieces off ebay? I feel like a winner b/c I did get the PMJ's in original yellow/olive, but you are truly a force to be reckoned with! Beautiful work! :)

Cláudia said...

You look really good in these clothes =D i love the high waisted skirts, they look so feminin and cute ^^

Anonymous said...

You are all so sweet and awesome!!!

@AmyB you've got yo self a sugar momma!! I'll hook you up! lol

@Carol You are so sweet! And I am a huge fan of your and Kathryn's blog! You guys are adorable!

@vacantmuse Hair swoosh FTW!!

@anonymous The Spencer mary janes are quite
common on eBay, I'll keep an eye out and post what I find on GleeBay!!

@Becky Lee I do get most of it on eBay! I live in Canada where the nearest Anthro or J.crew is a plane ride away! Also so jealous of the PMJs! They are the ones that got away! :)

Anonymous said...

Love them all! You Go Girl!!! -Kathy

Anonymous said...

Nicolle!!! i love all of them, plus i love how you have slight differences to each outfit, that its not an exact, that shows individual style!! I love it!!!
-Nicole Rivera

Callie said...

Seriously, Nicolle, you are one of my fashion idols...Right up there with Miss Pillsbury. Loving the outfits and the creativity! My favorite look would have to be three...Gorgeous :D

Amlys said...

My favorite was Mash Up #3. The colors were so gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

These looks are absolutly inspired! Youre definantly one of my fashion idols, I love how you have the J.Crew golden peep toes, as that scene is possibly one of my fave moments of the show ;)

Tea said...

Ok so I am crazy behind with my blog reading but I thought I'd comment anyway because I love love love your post!

I know this sounds almost blasphemous but I think I might like your looks better than the originals!!! Anyway you look gorgeous in them all (I'm not choosing) and you did an awesome job with the styling so if Lou Eyrich ever gets sick I think you should be her substitute.

Also I wish I could come play dress up in your closet ;)

Jane said...

These looks are so adorable! and i must say you are just as cute as jayma!