Friday, November 19, 2010

Making Up Emma - Emma M.I.A.?

So we’ve sadly endured a 2 week absence of any Emma Pillsbury on our screens, and I think it’s about time the Glee writers devoted an entire episode to our cardigan-clad cutie! There was an episode for Brittany, several for Kurt, and I think we need to see one whole hour devoted to Miss P!

And to make it easier on the Glee writers who seemed very focused on other matters at McKinley, I’ve taken the liberty (a la Rachel Berry) to come up with a few Emma-themed episodes! Take your pick, Ryan Murphy. Make WWEPWers happy!

Gone with the Windex

In this episode, we see the life of Miss Pillsbury in her home, with its perfectly arranged furniture and vintage-inspired décor as she invites Sue over for dinner.


Emma decides to take the Cheerios shopping for a new wardrobe since most of them spend all day in their uniforms. Hilarity ensues when Brittany causes a ruckus at the J. Crew store and Quinn and Santana catfight in Emma’s car!

A Very Pillsbury Thanksgiving

Emma invites Carl over for Thanksgiving, but while on a last-minute run to the market to buy marshmallows for her sweet potatoes, she runs into Will, spending Thanksgiving alone, and decides to invite him over. OH NO, AWKWARDNESS!

I think I speak for all of WWEPW when I say that I don’t care if she’s on a train, in the rain, on a boat or in a tree, give us our Miss Pillsbury!


Anonymous said...

I fully support this Thanksgiving dinner episode!!! And during the dinner Carl can choke on a turkey bone and die! Then Will and Emma can live happily ever after . I like it

Eliz said...

AGREED. We want Ms. P!!! Also, it's been THREE weeks since we saw Emma, because there was one week in there with no Glee at all. I AM GOING THROUGH WITHDRAWAL, much like Emma sans hand san! (say that ten times fast)

Meghan said...

This post made me laugh out loud. Love all 3 of your episode ideas! I miss Emma...her outfits are the highlight of each show!!!

vacantmuse said...

oh man, how would Emma even cope with thanksgiving with all that food touching? i mean, GRAVY?!
Though i bet she has a cute and incredibly clean gravy boat! i really want to see this now XD
Also also, it should snow so she can sing Let It Snow SEEING AS IT'S NOT ON THE CHRISTMAS CD ARGH. /rant

Liz H. said...

:( I miss her! :(((((((((((

KP said...

Thanksgiving for sure! :-) Excellent ideas!

Liza Jane said...

I love all of these ideas! I say you send your ideas to Fox stat! Plus, "Gone with the Windex" is a most excellent title.

Anonymous said...

I know, really? Where has Emma gone? Emma is my fav. character and although Glee is my fav show in the entire world it gives me sadness when she is not in let alone one episode. Jayma Mays is so talented and although I think Ryan Murphy is a God for creating this show I think he has been loosing his powers for not writing her in. What is wrong with you Ryan? Bring back Emma. I like the idea of doing an entire episode about her. Maybe in her house...? If she is not in "Furt" the producers/ writers will be hearing from me!

Stephanie said...

I think all these episodes sound like fantastic ideas. I too miss watching Emma and her fabulous clothes.

Christa said...

Yes, we need Emma back stat! She needs to get back to WHMS and put on a glove so she can drag that bully Karofsky by his ear to her office for a serious discussion and the handing out of some helpful pamphlets.
I am having serious Emma fashion withdrawals.

AmyB said...

There was an obvious hole in last weeks epi.
This is just ridiculous.