Friday, November 19, 2010

Emma Pillsbury Fashion ID - Tory Burch Red Floral Cardigan


Today is a monumental day in WWEPW's history. Everyone, mark your calendars as the day I found my favorite cardigan in all the land. Thanks to some help from an anonymous commenter, I give you...

The red flowered cardigan from Sectionals.

Look. Look look look.

Tory Burch Red Cactus Filis Cardigan

Oh, Tory Burch cardigan, how you have haunted my dreams. How you have tortured me lo, these past months. But you have been conquered.

WWEPW, 1. Sectionals cardi, 0.


Anonymous said...

Thanks. That was me who made the comment. I tried to send you an email but I guess it didn't work. I found it by browsing ebay: Here's one: (Not Cheap)

AmyB said...


Tea said...

Oh happiness is a piece of Emma clothing id'd!