Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Emma Pillsbury Fashion Caps - Grilled Cheesus - Plaid Dress

Houston, we have a hair problem.

Emma begins the scene with bouncy, soft curls.

Somehow, from running and worry, the curls get even bouncier.

Later, at the hospital, Emma's curls are limp and flat.

Sad Emma. Sad hair.

But wait!

A teeny bit of fluffiness manages to push its way out from the roots.

To recap:

Can we talk about the shoes for a second? Kathleen and I have been discussing them all day.

Kathleen: Were the MJs/cardi dyed tonight?

Danielle: The cardi was the taupe Jackie. Same one she wore with the lattice and the Tibi print skirts. Blue PMJs. I need a life.

Kathleen: No, I mean the cardi with the dress. It doesn't look like a Jackie because the buttons are different. And I don't think they're the blue PMJs. If you look at the hospital waiting room scene/hand hold shot, there's no silver in them. They're more aquaish. Don't get a life! What would the rest of us do? :)

Danielle: Ohhhh that one! Yeah, sometimes the generic items like cardis and pencil skirts are hard to ID because they could be from anywhere. I know J.Crew makes a cardi in that color. It was pretty lightweight looking so maybe it was one of their featherweight cardis. I still think the shoes were the blue PMJs. The toe was cut in the same way. I think the lighting was just such that we couldn't see the silver and the blue looked a bit different. Okay, I won't get a life!

Kathleen: Hmm, you may be right. They definitely look like blue PMJs when she's running. that would make me happy since they live at my house. Maybe she changed shoes on the way to the hospital?

Danielle: OKAY. I have reviewed the tapes and here is my conclusion. SHE IS WEARING TWO DIFFERENT PAIRS OF SHOES. Continuity, much? When she's running she is definitely wearing the green and yellow PMJs. But then in the hospital, THEY ARE DIFFERENT like you said!

Kathleen: Maybe she couldn't run in the other ones? I'm convinced the PMJs have super powers.

Danielle: No, no, wait! I have another idea. I think I know what they are.... Nope, not them. There was an old version of the PMJs that came in teal and yellow and orange, but they're open-toed heels and closed-toed ballet flats.

Kathleen: I think the hallway ones are blue+silver pmjs. No idea on the waiting room. They almost look suede-ish. but not quite.

Danielle: The hallway ones definitely look like PMJs. The strap is lighter than the toe. But then in the hospital the strap is also lighter than the toe. It looks like there *might* be a faint bit of silver showing but then again it might just be her foot. I AM THINKING ABOUT THESE SHOES WAY TOO MUCH. I HATE YOU GLEE AND YOUR SHOE MYSTERY.

Please view the bane of my existence and weigh in, WWEPWers.


Eliz said...

I have the shoes in question, and the toes don't look like that—they have section of silver that continues down the sides.

Poor Emma's hair... that happens to mine, too, when I curl it and it's humid outside! I RELATE, EMMA.

Elissa said...

I don't know, but all I know is that I love the fact that she's holding Will's hand. I know that it's a tragic time, but there's hope for Wemma in the future...

Anonymous said...

At first I too was distracted by the hand holding. Upon further investigation I don't think the waiting room shoes are the PMJs. Maybe the hallway shoes. This is going to keep me up all night! :)

Danielle said...

YES! I mean, no, no, Nicolle, don't worry yourself with this... ;)

Emma E said...

That's some serious hair failing. They should do a better job of keeping the look consistent!

Danielle said...

I'm rewatching the show right now. I'm inclined to say that they're the same pair of shoes. It's just the hallway is poorly lit and we don't get a good look at them.

We get a great look at them at the very first cut to the hospital waiting room, right before the hand holding. They are definitely not the PMJS. They're a pretty bright teal, but don't look dyed to match the cardigan.
I'm not 100% positive, but I suspect they are these J. Crew Satin Mary Janes:
The color is a perfect match, the ankle strap is the right width and I think they are about the right overall shape.

What do you think?

Sarah said...

Shoes were cute whatever they were, but OMG they were HOLDING HANDS!!! Didnt think we'd see that for a while.

goldenmeans said...

I think they're the same pair too, not the PMJs. Danielle those Satin Mary Janes look like they could be so close, but I can't tell if the toes are squarer or not. Also those shoes are from Fall 2007 I think -- does the amazing Lou Eyrich's wardrobe archive go back that far? :)

Tea said...
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Tea said...

After switching my focus from the hand holding to the shoes, I'm sure they're teal and not the exact same shade as the cardi - Danielle I think you may well have it! Good job!

And I'm delighted by the hair! I don't think it's a continuity error at all - no it's just that Emma's hair is incredibly responsive to emotion! So she starts the day as her normal happy guidance counsellor self, at first I thought it was the hand holding with Will that perks her curls up a bit more but it's simply his close proximity at school. But then once she gets in the cubicle with Burt the sadness overwhelms her curls and makes them go limp! Does that work? I really want it to ;) Maybe I need to rewatch more closely ....

Emily said...

NOTHING gets by WWEPWers!

A bit off-topic: Have we ever once seen Emma carry a handbag? I know that WWEPWers have featured them in Polyvore challenges, but other than that? I would especially love to see what she would've carried with this outfit. I am so OVER these monstrous pieces of luggage that are so frustratingly popular right now! I'd love to see clutches or something more ladylike around, and I'd kind of hoped for Our Lady of Cardigans to carry the torch. Am I alone on this one, WWEPW fans?

kjmull126 said...

I think they are the same pair of shoes, and it's just the lighting that is making them appear different. I don't think Lou Eyrich would have let two different pairs of shoes in one scene slide by, but maybe that's just my feeling. I say we somehow get Lou's answer to this question! Danielle, work your magic!

Tea, I support your hair theory! I can't think of any other reason, so I am rolling with that! =P

Emily, I agree! I would love to see her carry a handbag. I love how you dubbed Emma 'Our Lady of Cardigans.' Brilliance.

Teresa said...

This is what happens when she loses the swoosh.

But I agree with Tea---I think Emma's hair is definitely emotionally connected, and you can tell a lot about her mood from it. And just writing that out is making me lol.

Trish said...

This blog is pure genius! Kind thanks to my lovely blog friend Lavender and Lilies for tipping me off to your fabulousness! Can't wait to read more! :) xoxo

Celeste said...

Emma's had bags before, but they were just teacher bags, like ordinary tote bags with books and papers in them and stuff.

I think the shoes are the same.

I didn't mind Emma's hair deflating because I thought the super curls were a bit much.

Anonymous said...

I think that they are the same shoes in both scenes. I re-watched the clip and the hallway scene was very dark, but to me they look the same. They do look a bit sueide. Now what about that pin? I couldn't really get a good view of it. What was it?
Omg! if she wore jeans and carried a handbag I think I would flip!!

Liz H. said...

Goodness yes I noticed this too when I rewatched it!! I am convinced they are two different shoes, but then I see the hand-holding scene and I think I see silver, and then I doubt it, and then it just replays. LOU PLEASE TELL US FOR OUR OWN SANITY!!!!

Heather said...

I'm pretty convinced that Lou reads this. All of the Kate Spade made it into the show, didn't it?

I'm also pretty convinced that it's two different pairs of shoes. The waiting room shoes are so very teal, and they also have a squarer toe.