Sunday, September 26, 2010

Emma Pillsbury Fashion Sneak Preview - The Rocky Horror Glee Show

It's a windfall! The LA Times has given us a better look at Emma's white bow-tie blouse and yellow brooch in this behind-the-scenes look at Glee.

Want those chairs. All of them. And, OH HAI PMJs. MISSED YOU.

Let's hope we get some new pamphlets this season!

Is that...?

UM YES IT IS. Uncle Jesse Frank-N-Furter. And what, Emma as Dolly Levi?

When does she not look completely adorable? There should be little bluebirds fluttering around her shoulders.

Methinks Teresa will approve this makeup.

How long do you think it takes to iron that blouse?

Oh dear. Now I think we know the real reason Emma decided to dump Will.

She found this sweater hanging in his closet.


Danielle said...

That's some pretty different hair for Emma too. Uncle Jesse has clearly turned her world upside down.

Permanent Rose said...

Looks like Jayma got a's cute, but I miss the bang flip

Callie said...

*Whew* I'm not the only one who zoned in on the hair...It is adorable (when isn't she?!) but I hope the excited bang flippage will make a return. In the meantime, I must get that skirt; how cute!

Melissa at Silly Bee's Chickadees said...

Her hair is super cute, but for Emma's sake, they could totally swoosh it. Come on Glee sylists! You can't tell me that cut is not swooshable!

vacantmuse said...

the hair is totally swooshable, and uncle jesse frank n' furter made me laugh for like, a straight minute. YES. XD
i really like that skirt, too. grey + yellow = WIN

Megan said...

The hair is the FIRST thing I noticed! Cute, but not as cute as it used to be.

<3 Uncle Jesse (Frank-N-Furter.)

Will has worn questionable sweaters in the past but this takes the cake.

AmyB said...

Dyiing. It cannot get here soon enough.

Teresa said...

Her makeup looks good but WHERE IS AWESOME BANG SWOOSH?!!

I think it's gone because only Will can make it swoosh that way.

Steph said...

haha Jayma looks amazing!

And Teresa, I think (although I may be reading too much into this) that the absence of the BANG SWOOSH is because in this season Emma is loosening up a little. The bangs are super cute, but also very structured and styled just precisely. This look is a little softer and may be a reflection of her new beau, Uncle Jesse.

If the bang swoosh comes back then maybe it was just her hairdresser's day off :)

And Mr. Shu = ugliest sweater ever.

Tea said...

Bring back Wemma and bring back the bang swoosh! Is it just me or is Emma's hair *gasp* less red?!?

AmyB said...

Maybe instead of her toes, Carl makes Emma's hair curl....wink wink nod nod...

Anonymous said...

Her hair IS less red!!! I noticed the same thing! It's almost *gasp* blondish red!!! Previews of Jayma in the Smurfs Movie show the same thing!!! What has she done???