Thursday, August 12, 2010

Channeling Emma - Kathleen and The No Pants Challenge

WWEPWers. There's someone you have to meet. Her name is Kathleen. She wrote to us and said...
Hi Danielle and Teresa!

I've been following your site for a few months now and wanted to let you know that you guys are the enablers I have been looking for all these years in my quest for TV fashion.

Having been raised on an orgy of television growing up, I was the kid who got in trouble in Sunday school for quoting Seinfeld episodes.

May 23, 2010 was a turning point in my life. When Jack Shepard closed his eyelid and went to TV heaven, I jumped headfirst out of my metaphorical helicopter into an ocean of denial. My life raft: WWEPW. You see, long before Glee, I had a closet full of of pencil skirts and Mary Janes. But I never had the courage to wear them out in the unkempt masses of America (I know, people wear flip flops to church! - Liz Lemon). Emma Pillsbury gave me the special guidance that I needed.

I'm a therapist in training and work with teenagers with mental illness issues. Thanks to your website, I now know that I can relate to my clients, because I have followed the Emma Pillsbury wardrobe with a devotion deemed nothing short of a DSM-IV diagnosis. About a month ago, my Glee-obsessed 57-year-old father (seriously, he leaves me voicemails of himself singing Poker Face and Push It), challenged me to channel EP's skirt-wielding power and go an entire year without wearing pants (or pantish items such as shorts). There is no clear objective and no tangible reward. Aside from sheer IYB-sized awesomeness.


The other day my friends encouraged me to start a blog about my no pants travels, and I wanted to share it with you all. It is mainly going to be about my two great loves, mental health and television, but there is sure to be some Glee fashion along the way. I hope to inspire others to say NO to pants and YES to awesomeness.

I have amazing friends, a wonderful job, and a degree from Harvard, but my proudest accomplishments are the days those little packages come in the mail and out pop sweater clips and bow skirts galore. And I owe it all to your website.

I love you, WWEPW. There, I finally said it. And summer hiatus or no, this thing isn't over between us.
We love Kathleen right back. And then she sent us these photos and we loved her even more. We're talking CAPITAL LETTERS LOVE, people. Look!

How fabulous is this girl? She even has Emma's hairstyle! And The No Pants Challenge is something we at WWEPW definitely endorse. Follow along with Kathleen on her quest to wear skirts for 365 days straight!

So, to recap:


2. Kathleen has amazing style. And more importantly, she is doing amazing things for young people.

Thank you, Kathleen!


Liz H. said...

an inspiration to us all! <3 love the outfits! Good Luck!!

Teresa said...

Kahtleen, you are the most adorable girl ever! I'm so a follower of your blog!! Thanks so much for the great post!!

Kat said...

Oh my gosh! We have the same name so of course you have to be awesome! And your blog is hysterical!!! Definitely a follower. Like like like the clothes on you, they look great!!!

Melissa at Silly Bee's Chickadees said...

Totally! Kathleen, you could be Emma's understudy!

When I was in high school I had my own self-imposed wardrobe rules: I had to wear at least one skirt a week and could only wear jeans once a week. I even had a little calendar to make sure I didn't wear the same outfit for a couple weeks. Obsessive much?

Speaking of the DSM-IV, I have bipolar disorder and as a teen was very shy and depressed. I truly, truly appreciate the work that you do!!! And you look darn cute in the clinging blossoms sweater, you little Pillsbury, you!

Air hugs and air kisses, because ya know, there ARE germies around!

Cathie said...

No pants is a challenge? That's been my work dress code for the last three years! And I have to wear NYLONS. It's getting old. Kathleen does look super cute, though!

Anonymous said...

OMG I love every single outfit! Especially the Bow skirt one! :) The No Pants Challenge is such a great idea! Pants are overrated! Good luck!!

Permanent Rose said...

I cannot get over these Channeling Emma posts...makes me want to go dig up my Emma worthy cardis ;)

You look fantastic, Kathleen!

Lynn said...

I love how this is a No Pants Challenge a la Emma, not al la Gaga.

Danielle said...

Everything about this is magnificent. Lovely people should have lovely wardrobes. Well. Done.

vacantmuse said...

kathleen: i love you. with a capital L. and trust me, the no pants can be done! i don't even own any pants that aren't gym pants anymore!
you can do it!
And thank you for working in mental health for teens - we need more Kathleens in the world!!

Kathleen said...

wow. Thank you guys SO MUCH! I was afraid that people were going to think I am crazy. But sweet suzie pepper, I sure have found a lot of joy embracing my crazy!

The No Pants Challenge is open to everyone, and I appreciate any and all stories you want to share!

much love!


Sarahnargle said...

Super Super Awesome! I've been accidentally doing a no pants challenge of my own (mine is unofficial and therefore lowercase) during this summer simply because I suddenly don't own any. Pants. No pants. How can this be? I do not know. A vortex opened up and my closet now exists in a pant-less universe. But as it's also a universe replete with skirts and bows and skirts WITH bows, I'm not complaining.

Krameymartin said...

Love this, but also I'm just really jealous of all of her Emma pieces!

Louise (princess_dave) said...

Following the No Pants Challenge now! Love it. I wear skirts every day of the working week but tend to fall back on jeans/linen trousers at the weekends. Was slightly worried one of my colleagues might spot me reading the blog on my PC though, pants in the UK is altogether different than in the US! Good luck with your challenge, will watch with interest. Love the Emma outfits : )

Tea said...

I'm amazed and impressed and just generally in awe!!! And since no one else has asked - can I move in with you and share your clothes?? I can bring sweater clips :)

AmyB said...

I want to know when you are dropping off those amazing ensembles at my house. I think we need to get a Cardi, Borrow, or Steal program going.

Unfortunately, I think I would end up being in jail.

Kathleen said...

Ooh, Amy I like that I idea. Underground cardi exchange.

Lickliders said...

D'oh. I commented and then didn't do the word verification, and I think it got eaten.

Anyway...I was asking if you were going to do a list of where all your items were from. Everything is super cute! You may have sold me on eventually trying the haircut! I'm a school psychologist, and I definitely find the wardrobe perfect for work, so I'd love any suggestions, especially since I'm new to Glee so I can't always find some of the items.