Sunday, July 4, 2010

What Would Emma Wear? - The Fourth of July

To all who celebrate, Happy Independence Day! While we were enjoying a day with family and friends, I couldn't help but think about what Emma might wear to a Fourth of July picnic, or to see fireworks at the big park in Lima with Dr. Uncle Jesse.

Break the Bank

Anthropologie Cascading Bow Dress - $118
Marc Jacobs Bow Wow Wow Anabella Earrings - $48
Kate Spade Creme de la Creme Idion Bangle - $42
Kate Spade Candice Sandal - $225

In The Middle

Modcloth When Doves Fly Dress - $64.99
J.Crew Jackie Cardigan - $62
Michelle D. Lipstick Sandal - $49.99
Vintage Beaded Bracelet from norma48 on Etsy - $9.98
Vintage Lucite Polka Dot Earrings from chouettes on Etsy - $9.60

On A Budget

Apt. 9 Solid Blouse - $14.99
Modcloth Skirt So Good - $37.99
Pierre Dumas Peggy Sandal - $24.99
Red White and Blue Enamel Flower Brooch from PinMePins on Etsy - $8.99

I'm in love with the vintage polka dot earrings! So, what did you wear yesterday, WWEPWers?


Helen Ellis said...

I love those Kate Spade sandals!
Helen Ellis

Permanent Rose said...

The Anthropologie Cascading Bow Dress is definitely something I could see Emma in, and I agree! Love those polka dot earrings!

And what did I wear? I showed so much love and pride for our country when I wore a green fitted tee with my matching lima bean green flats :P

Teresa said...

OMG LOVE the Modcloth blue dress!!!! She'd look adorable in that!!

I wore very patriotic blue jeans and a light teal top, lol.

Permanent Rose said...
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Permanent Rose said...

Lol, if blue jeans count, then my red hair must count for something :P

Anonymous said...

Love these outfits so much! Especially the first one! The shoes, the earrings, the dress, perfection!!!

Ophelia said...

Born and raised in the real Lima and I thought you might enjoy knowing that the 4th of July celebration in Lima is called "The Star-Spangled Spectacular." It adds something, don't you think?

Love the outfits as usual :)

Adie said...

I need those Kate Spade shoes, I'm actually in love with them! And over here in England we don't celebrate Independence Day so I wore average clothing!

Emma said...

i love all the looks you've put together. and your blog!!