Friday, July 2, 2010

The Ultimate Emma Pillsbury Outfit Tournament

I've been inspired by my friends Erin and Suzie from Glee Dork and Gleeks United.

If you haven't seen it, they're holding a Glee Summer Music Showdown - complete with fun-to-follow tournament brackets! I've been following along and voting on every pair of songs. RUN JOEY RUN FTW, y'all!

So how about a little tournament of our own here on WWEPW to choose the Ultimate Emma Pillsbury Outfit?

Here's how it'll work:

1. Leave a comment in this entry predicting which of Emma's 68 outfits will be the overall winner. Comments will be accepted until Tuesday, July 6 at 6PM EST. (It's a holiday weekend here in the US so this should give people enough time to select an overall winner before we begin the voting.)

2. On July 6, I'll begin posting five random pairings of outfits each day. (Or every other day, or every third day, depending on the number of naps I decide to take on my vacation.) The winners of each round will be randomly paired with another winner...and so on and so on, until we narrow it down to the final two. DUN DUN DUN!

3. Because I like to give away prizes, I HAZ SOME! Remember these Primrose Garden Necklace knockoffs? I have four of them, in the exact coral color of Emma's necklace. (I actually own the original J.Crew necklace, and the Mixit knockoff is absolutely IDENTICAL to the one Emma wore on the show.) The first four commenters who predicted the overall winner correctly will win one of these necklaces! Yay!

So, let's hear from you! Which of Emma's outfits will win the WWEPW Season 1 Ultimate Emma Pillsbury Outfit Tournament?


Sara said...

This is probably a stupid question, but where do we find the outfits? Thanks!

Danielle said...

If you haven't got a favorite yet, you can see all of Emma's outfits here on the blog. Here's a list of all the outfits, in order of appearance:

Pilot - Purple Cardi
Pilot - Yellow monochromatic
Pilot - Taupe suit
Pilot - Olive Scoop Neck sweater
Pilot - Plaid LAMB jacket
Pilot - Blue puff sleeve blouse
Pilot - Blue scoopneck sweater
Showmance - Cream & Periwinkle
Showmance - Coral
Showmance - Olive Cardi
Showmance - Black & Green
Showmance - Baby Blue beaded cardi
Showmance - Spring Green Milly
Showmance - Eggplant blouse/clips
Acafellas - Floral Sweater
Acafellas - Yellow & Lavender
Acafellas - Peach monochromatic
Acafellas - Black & Peach
Acafellas - Yellow jacket/brooch
Preggers - Blue Leaf sweater
Preggers - Red trenchcoat & beret
Rhodes - J.Crew Applique cardi
Rhodes - Purple flowers and pearls
Rhodes - Red, White and Blue
Rhodes - Green Nanette Lepore cardi
Rhodes - Blue and Gold military
Rhodes - Periwinkle blouse/pendant
Rhodes - Sleeveless coral dress
Vitamin D - IYB and bow skirt
Vitamin D - Taupe cardi and print skirt
Vitamin D - Blue and Gold
Vitamin D - Blue Ann Taylor cardi
Vitamin D - Trampoline skirt
Vitamin D - Dolphin blouse & bow skirt
Vitamin D - Ruffled white blouse
Mash Up - Blue Cardi & Flower brooch
Mash Up - Princess Di
Mash Up - Wedding Dress
Mash Up - Chunky White Necklace
Ballad - Blue Pearl Cardi
Ballad - Watercolor Floral Skirt
Hairography - Royal Blue Sweater
Mattress - Blue boatneck sweater
Mattress - Embroidered sweater
Mattress - IYB & Watercolor skirt
Mattress - Daisy Necklace
Sectionals - White Cardi & Bow Skirt
Sectionals - Red Trenchcoat
Sectionals - Red and White
Sectionals - Green Pea Coat
Hello - Yellow Dress
Hello - Enormous Sweater Clip
Hello - Red Dress
Hello - Ladybug Cardi
Hello - Eyelet Jacket
Madonna - Juicy Beaded Cardi
Madonna - Brushstroke Cardi
Madonna - Green blouse & Watercolor skirt
Madonna - Silhouette Sweater
Madonna - Pink Nightie
Madonna - Pink & Purple Dress
Madonna - Red & Blue Jacket
Bad Reputation - Milly Sweater & Phone Brooch
Bad Reputation - Felted Lei Cardi
Bad Reputation - Eiffel Tower Cardi
Dream On - Bow Skirt and Necklace
Journey - Bow Sweater
Journey - Trampoline Skirt and Anthro Cardi

All of the episodes are listed in the sidebar to the left, if you wanted to look through the outfits by episode. Or you can use the search bar to find any of the outfits you're looking for! :)

Mrs M said...

Argh too many outfits to choose from!

Teresa said...



Shawna said...

To pick the number Emma outfit? Oh my good golly gosh, I don't even know how I'll vote! But I'm going to go for Pilot - Yellow monochromatic. The classic Cinderella scene.

Azriella said...

So now that my boss has probably started wondering where I've gone, I think I have to go with the Trampoline skirt from Journey, although the lovely little Eiffel Tower cardi will always have a special place in my heart. Oooo, and that cute ruffled purple shirt entitled "The one where our jaws all collectively dropped"? That was good too. But the Trampoline skirt. I think. K, back to work now!

Sarahnargle said...

Pilot - Blue puff sleeve blouse FTW!

She made Will cry in it you guys. HE CRIED.

Jo said...

I have an obsession with yellow - probably because I can't wear it and therefore want to - and with winter attire - jackets and hats are just I have 4 different ones I love. Pilot's yellow monochromatic, Pregger's Red trench-coat and beret, Sectionals' Green pea-coat (w/beret!)or Journey's Trampoline skirt and anthro cardi...and my winner is Pregger's Red coat w/beret. She just looked so adorable in the stands at the game!

goldenmeans said...

Oh lord, Danielle, this is like asking me to pick a favorite child. Well I think my personal favorites would be the green Nanette Leopre cardi outfit from Rhodes, the dolphin blouse outfit from Vitamin D or the striped Milly sweater look from Bad Reputation, *but*, I think the look that will go the extra mile is the classic yellow monochromatic look from the Pilot. I think that's the moment when I and many others truly fell in love with Ms. Pillsbury :)

MeganLP said...

The Power of Madonna - Pink and Purple Dress

I spent a while narrowing it down to about 10 of my favorites, and even longer picking just one, but I'm confident in my choice. It may not have been on screen for long, but it was PERFECT.

Lindsay said...

I predict the insane yellow blouse & watercolor skirt from Mattress. I will be voting every step of the way. And I never vote for these kinds of things. Excited!

Abby said...

I loved outfit she was wearing during ?the football game? When Kurt did the "Single Ladies" dance Her little hat is adorable! Any outfit with sweater clips is in my top five! And finally, I would most definitely have to choose the orange dress that she wore when she made dinner for Will and the Teri came over? Her hair was beautiful, her make-up was an A+, and the color complimented her quite nicely. So my list is:

1) Emma's dress in "Hell-O"
2) Her "hat outfit" in "Preggers"
3) Any Sweater clip outfit!

Abby said...

I loved outfit she was wearing during ?the football game? When Kurt did the "Single Ladies" dance Her little hat is adorable! Any outfit with sweater clips is in my top five! And finally, I would most definitely have to choose the orange dress that she wore when she made dinner for Will and the Teri came over? Her hair was beautiful, her make-up was an A+, and the color complimented her quite nicely. So my list is:

1) Emma's dress in "Hell-O"
2) Her "hat outfit" in "Preggers"
3) Any Sweater clip outfit!

Sara said...

I'm going to go with the Trampoline Skirt and the Anthro Cardigan from the Journey episode. It was so hard to decide!

Isia Jasiewicz said...

My favorite is definitely what Emma wears in the scene where she accepts his proposal in the boy's locker room (pretty sure it's Vitamin D)? She has on the amazing orange pencil skirt with the bow, and a printed top. I adore it!

Sarah T said...

I have got to go with a classic and say Pilot - Yellow monochromatic will win. Those shoes are basically what started it all for me, haha!

This will be fun! :)

Liz H. said...

Madonna - Pink & Purple Dress

THIS OUTFIT MADE ME HAVE A CONNIPTION (as did all of the other outfits). I really thought this was beautiful. I know a lot of people were asking where to find this, so I can totally see it being #1. I love all of her clothes, way too difficult!! <3 <3 <3 Thanks for the opportunity!!!

GingerLand said...

I'm going with the Pilot -- Yellow Monochromatic. There is nothing that says "Emma" to me like matchy-matching in the best possible way. Plus, those shoes still keep me up at nights thinking about their gloriousness. Ladylike and shiny. Sigh.

Krysania said...

My guess is Rhodes - Green Nanette Lepore cardi. It's what I think of when I think Emma

Eliz said...

This is so hard... I want to say yellow monochromatic, because it's so quintessential Emma, but we all gasped & freaked when the purple Kate Spade dress & cardigan came on our screens... eep!

I'm going to have to throw my chips onto yellow monochromatic!

Kathleen said...

Journey - Trampoline Skirt and Anthro Cardi

AmyB said...

This was harder than I thought!!

Madonna-Pink & Purple dress

Essence B. said...

Vitamin D - trampoline skirt

My favorite is still the pilot purple plaid outift, but everyone seems to like the trampoline skirt.

Essence B. said...

Vitamin D - trampoline skirt

My favorite is still the pilot purple plaid outift, but everyone seems to like the trampoline skirt.

RachelB said...

The wedding dress for the win!!!! Also the green pea coat, the blue and gold military with the mustard colored skirt, and the super cute shirt/skirt plus green bead/daisy necklace she's wearing when Will puts the chalk on her nose. :-D

Danielle said...

I've gotta say the purple Kate Spade dress from Power of Madonna. Everybody's jaws dropped on that scene.

Deliciously Girly said...

I've gotta throw my hat to the Madonna episode "pink and purple" Kate Spade dress. It's still my favorite, and I think it'll barely edge out the yellow number *cough*bymystuffingtheballotbox*cough* ;D

martine said...

So so difficult. I love her green coat - it represents 'the kiss' for me. I had one made for myself when I went to Vietnam. You could get an entire Pillsbury wardrobe tailor made for yourself in a week in Hoi An.

Loved the purple outfit in Power of Madonna when she came to collect her shoes. She's got to wear that again.

However, I'm going with the 'there you go Cinderella' yellow monochromatic from Pilot -when I think of Emma, I think of that outfit.


vacantmuse said...

omg. could you make this choice harder? um. first instinct: yellow monochromatic. it's where we fell in love! but then there's the green peacoat and the kiss... no. i have to go with the yellow, as it's also started to take over my wardrobe. :D

Sariah May said...

Showmance- Coral. It's one of the best :)

Anonymous said...

This is really hard!!! Emma has had so many swoon worthy outfits over the season, but I'm gonna have to go with my gut and say the Kate Spade purple/tweed dress. This was my absolute favourite! It had the ruffles, the retro vibe, the monochromatic look, absolute perfection!

Megan said...

I'm going to say the yellow monochromatic, but the red coat/beret and the green jacket from the kiss scene are close seconds. She has such a great wardrobe, whatever outfit wins I will understand completely!

Emma said...

I vote for the outfit she's wearing when she 'accepts' Ken Tanaka's marriage proposal. Orange skirt and beautiful orange blouse with a long bow - stunning.

Sophie said...

Pilot Yellow Monochromatic!! Such an iconic outfit with perfect shoes.

Kialy said...

its got to be the Showmance - Eggplant blouse/clips

Permanent Rose said...

I vote for the insane yellow blouse ;)

Megan said...

The milly striped sweater/red skirt outfit from Bad Reputation. Love love love.

Marisa said...

The Trampoline Skirt and Anthro Cardi from Journey. Loved it.

Azriella said...

I think I may have to change my answer to the pink and purple dress from Madonna. I love that dress. Final answer.

Nadine said...

Which will WIN??? No idea!

My favourite? Easy! "Preggers - Red trenchcoat & beret"

Anonymous said...

I'm going w/ the pilot- Yellow monochromatic. I saw
that outfit and I knew that Emma & her fashion were
the girl to watch!!!!! It set the tone for all the episodes to come..... Love this blog!!! -Kathy S.

Emma said...

I meant to say the WHITE blouse with the long bow on it - the one she is wearing when she accepts Kin's marriage proposal. But my no. 2 is the IYB and watercolour skirt in the Mattress episode. I also, however, love the red pencil skirt and the striped knit she's wearing when she gives Shu a piece of her mind in the staff lunch room.

Anonymous said...

The Kate Spade purple dress from the Power of Ms. M.
Lovely & ladylike..just like Emma! -Miss Ellie

Laura said...

I pick the Green Nanette Lepore cardi!

Lindsay said...

Pilot - Yellow monochromatic....the outfit that started it all!

julie said...

i have t vote for the yellow monochromatic outfit from the pilot... so amazing. it made me first notice emma and she's still never disappointed me!!!

Stephanie said...

Without a doubt, my fave and the ultimate winner is the Trampoline Skirt and Anthro Cardi from Journey! FTW!

angela said...

Too many good ones to choose from. I love the Yellow monochromatic outfit from the pilot. It clearly started it all and speaks Emma. Then there's the milly striped sweater and red skirt, which I love. Emma looked so put together and beautiful in that outfit. I've also loved everything purple she has worn on the show. Decisions, decisions...

I'll have to go with the yellow monocromatic outfit from pilot.

Chelsea said...

Why is no one choosing the Marc Jacobs red and blue jacket from the Madonna episode? It is AMAZING!!!!!!

Even though the red and blue jacket is my jam, I am going to have to go with the yellow monochromatic outfit from the pilot... just like the rest of the masses.

Rachel Weeds said...

Although the eggplant blouse with the owl sweater clips from Showmance was the official beginning of my love affair with Emma's wardrobe, I think it was more the owls than the clothes. She really shines in brighter colors. I am going to have to vote for the insane yellow blouse with the watercolor skirt. Second place shout out goes to the Bow Sweater Chain from Hello - Emma REALLY knows how to rock her accessories!

Jesslyn said...

So hard to choose! I'd have to say Green Nanette Lepore Cardi. But I know I'll change my mind in 5 minutes.

kjmull126 said...

Save the best for last... Anthro trampoline skirt and clinging blossoms cardigan FTW!

Danielle said...

My vote goes to the Insane Yellow Blouse and blue bow skirt! I absolutely adore that outfit.