Friday, July 9, 2010

The Ultimate Emma Pillsbury Outfit Tournament: Matches 16-20

We've got some tough choices in this set of matches!

Pilot - Plaid Jacket vs. Rhodes - Purple Floral & Pearls

Pilot - Blue Scoop Neck Sweater vs. Vitamin D - Ruffled White Blouse

Sectionals - Red & White vs. Sectionals - Green Pea Coat & Beret

Madonna - Silhouette Sweater Cardi vs. Showmance - Eggplant Blouse & Owl Clips

Madonna - Brushstroke Cardi vs. Madonna - Juicy Beaded Cardi

Polls will be open for 48 hours!


AmyB said... made this one a tough one. But one was super pea coat for frenchy kissy time with Will..

kjmull126 said...

I agree with Amy! Tough, but that one was certainly a no-brainer! ;)

Permanent Rose said...

Definitely the toughest one...but there wasn't even an option with the green coat :P

Teresa said...

I've been Team Milly Sweater this whole time, but seeing so many cute outfits, I'm remembering how many others I really liked, too.


Rose---I agree---that green coat annihilates any competition!

Essence B. said...

What?!? Plaid jacket is my most favorite Emma outfit of all time!!!

Elissa said...

Pst....I was Emma before there was Emma! :) I have a green pea coat! I just need to find that hat!

Lindalou said...

Thanks for doing this little Emma battles. So much fun to relive and chose. Can't wait to see the finalist.