Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Ultimate Emma Pillsbury Outfit Tournament: Round 2 Part 1

The results are in from Round 1 of the Ultimate Emma Pillsbury Outfit Tournament! Clothing from the back 9 dominated, and the Madonna episode was a favorite among voters.

Some of the matches were very close - the J.Crew wedding dress won out over the yellow twistneck dress from Hello by ONE vote.

Some of the matches had predictable results, others were surprising.

Some made me sad.


Others made Teresa sad.

VERY sad.

And some results from the inevitable evils of random pairings are going to make you say, "WTH is THAT still doing in the tournament and why isn't MY FAVORITE still in it????" *cough olive sweater when Ken hand-licks the car handle cough PB&J plaid jacket cough*

It's only going to get harder from here that's what she said but we must press on, WWEPWers!

Preggers - Blue Leaf Sweater vs. Pilot - Yellow Monochromatic

Showmance - Periwinkle & Cream vs. Hello - Yellow Dress

Madonna - Red & Blue Jacket vs. Rhodes - Green Cardi & Sweater Clips

Hello - White Eyelet Jacket vs. Bad Reputation - Eiffel Tower Cardi

Madonna - Pink Nightie vs. Bad Reputation - Felted Lei Cardi

Madonna - Green Blouse & Watercolor Skirt vs. Vitamin D - Print Skirt & Taupe Cardi

Round 2 will be presented in three parts. Polls will be open for 48 hours!


Beth said...

How is it that "That's what she said" gets me every time??

AmyB said...

Okay, how can I hate this yet love this at the same time????? This was harder than picking a name for my child.

Why G-Money Why???

My Captcha is supful, which I am pronouncing as S'up Fool?

Teresa said...

I will avenge Green Milly's untimely demise, because now I am throwing all my energy and focus behind IYB-Bowpalooza (the mustard chin scene).

And I swear on my cat if it doesn't place I'm calling my aunt to vent over ice cream.

Eliz said...

Ah, I love that Tibi skirt/taupe cardigan so much, I can't believe it's losing! SWEATER GUARDS, PEOPLE! Need I say more?!

Tea said...

I love Emma in red and white - how could anyone not?! But I'm going to keep voting for my other favourites ... please tell me Emma in her red beret and also the striped sweater and telephone brooch are still in, pleeease! Oh and the IYB!!
I knew this would be painful ... I couldn't even pick a favourite even though I really wanted to enter the competition ... it was just too hard

goldenmeans said...

Oh lord, not fair *not fair!* to put the red & blue MBMJ jacket against the Nanette Lepore cardi with the clips so early, those are two of my favorite outfits!! Oh, my heart hurts.

Silly Bee's Chickadees said...

Whew! This is getting intense!
P.S.- Amy B, I always make up definitions for my word captures!

For example, ingly - a condition in which one feels uncomfortably tingly all over - something gives you the creeps and then you feel ingly

Essence B. said...

I'm still upset that PB&J plaid jacket didn't make it too!

Now I'm pouring all my support into the yellow monochromatic outfit from the pilot. Come on people, that episode is where we first fell in love with Ms. Pillsbury's clothes!

AmyB said...