Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fashion Challenge Results - Wedding Outfit

This week WWEPWers stepped up to the plate to help Melissa complete the outfit she plans to wear to a family wedding. She provided the dress and shoes, you provided the rest...let's take a look at the results!

WWEPW's Look

I love sparkle for a wedding. (Not for a vampire.)

Teresa's Look

The perfect bracelet for this look!

Nicolle's Look

Nicolle, you always nail it! That coat is absolute perfection on a hanger.

Meg's Look

Love the creamy cardi and jewelry with the dramatic dress, shoes and clutch!

Erin's Look

Welcome, Erin! I think you Emma-fied this dress to a T!

Niki's Look

The earrings pick up the yoke of the cardi so nicely, Niki!

Rachel's Look

Rachel said, "The bracelet is available on ecrater even though the link for it doesn't work. All of the things I used are available for sale just in case Melissa actually wants to be able to purchase the items in question. The only semi pricey item is the earrings and I consider them an investment piece for any Emma-esque wardrobe." Couldn't agree more, Rachel!

Amanda's Look

From Amanda: "I tried to put a little bit of Emma's favorites in here without going over board. A statement necklace with flowers and bow earrings. The red bow clutch complements the blue dress in one of Emma's favorite color combinations." Well done, Amanda!

Rachel's Look

You can't go wrong with blue and silver!

Emma's Look

A girl needs a ruffled cardi to keep warm when she's not dancing! To Neil Diamond, of course.

Jen's Look

I love Jen's take on this: "I'd like to think that Emma would indulge in a little champagne for a friend's wedding -- just a sip or two!" Perfect! Fantastic accessories, Jen!

Hamnivorous' Look

Love the bracelet and scarf especially!

Nic's Look

Welcome, Nic! A great first set - love the blue and pink color combination!

Gemma's Look

Warm and cold weather options! So clever, Gemma!

Danielle's Look

Danielle breaks it down: "Bows, J. Crew cardi, beaded Anthropologie necklace...that sounds about right, yes?" YES!

Eliz's Look

And because WWEPWers are a clever bunch, we've got a few more fabulous entries for anyone who needs some inspiration for an upcoming event!

Teresa's Look

There are no words for how much I adore this entire look. Simple. Understated. Classic.

Christine's Looks

Of the last set, Christine adds, "And then I saw this dress, and thought Emma just might wear this one. I've had fun ignoring the work I brought tonight while watching The Bachelorette." Ignoring work in the name of Polyvore and WWEPW sounds good to me, Christine!

D.Stultz's Look

Sensational colors and silhouette!

And there you have it, Melissa! Lots of great ideas to inspire your wedding outfit!


Teresa said...

I really love D.Stultz's ensemble!!!

And so many great things from everyone---I love how one dress can produce so many neat combinations!

Eliz said...

Ah man, I can't believe I didn't see that there was a challenge! :(

I love all of the accessories and color combinations! Especially yellow, or the unexpected pale pink/lilac.

Teresa—Emma would look smokin' in that DVF dress!

Emma said...

i like how all the sets were completely different even though the basic pieces were the same- you should do some more challenges like that!

Jen said...

That yellow coat in Erin's set is brilliant -- love it! All of the jewelery looks great too.
The challenges are super fun, I vote for more! :)

AmyB said...

Eliz, I simply forgot about it.
Stupid work.

Silly Bee's Chickadees said...

Wow-o-wow! I can't believe how many of you came to my rescue! OK, give me a little time to check them all out. I'm at work--not that that's ever stopped me before!

Silly Bee's Chickadees said...

Amy B and Eliz, you can jump in the challenge if you'd like to put something together this afternoon! It's going to take me a while to go through all the looks so far!


Permanent Rose said...

Dang relatives...can I kick them out of the house so I can get me some more polyvore time? SIGH...

Great looks by the way, everyone!

Anonymous said...

This challenge was really fun! I agree with Emma, it is so cool to see all the different looks people came up with!

I also love the yellow coat from Erin's set, put a bow on something and I'm sold!

Anonymous said...

check out my blog for more emma worthy clothes!

Sarahnargle said...

Real vampires don't sparkle; only Sparklepires do that.
(They also scrapbook.)