Friday, July 16, 2010

The Ultimate Emma Pillsbury Outfit Tournament - Round 2 Part 3

Finishing up Round 2 with a Madonna vs. Madonna and Mash Up vs. Mash Up showdown!

Madonna - Pink & Purple Dress vs. Madonna - Silhouette Sweater Cardi

Bad Reputation - Striped Sweater & Telephone Brooch vs. Vitamin D - Trampoline Skirt

Showmance - Black & Green vs. Rhodes - Blue & Gold Military

Pilot- Olive sweater & White Blouse vs. Preggers - Red Trenchcoat & Beret

Mash Up - Blue Ribbon Cardi & Flower Brooch vs. Mash Up - Wedding Dress

AND because I messed up one of the polls - we're going to have to re-vote on a match! (I included the yellow dress from Hello instead of the red bow dress from Hello - whoops!)

Polls will be open for 48 hours!


AmyB said...

Cannot wait to see the final results!!

Teresa said...

This is getting harder and harder!

kjmull126 said...

Things are supposed to get easier on Fridays! =P

Adie said...

Too hard!
And ohmigosh John Stamos is going to be playing Mr. Dentist! (Carl, is it?)

Elissa said...

You CAN'T put the blue sweater and the wedding dress TOGETHER!!!!!

vacantmuse said...

someone at university has that striped sweater from Bad Reputation and every time i see it i nearly trip on something bacause I WANT IT.
also, omg hardest picks EVAR.
and, on a sidenote, STAMOSIFIED.

Tea said...

I'm sad for the trampoline skirt but oh so happy for the stripey jumper and telephone brooch! And I just need to say ... Yay for the red coat and beret!!! Hooray!