Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fashion Challenge Results - Melissa's Take

Melissa sent me a "Holy-I-Can't-Believe-How-Awesome-WWEPWers-Are" message to share with all of you!


Let me begin by saying, THANK YOU!!! I knew I could count on my Glee besties! I expected 5, maybe 6 entries at most! I can't stop using exclamation points! I'm crazy exclamation point girl! 16 sets, 16 sets, I gave you one little dress, you gave me 16 sets! (I don't like Kanye either, but he was given a Glee pass, so it's ok.)

I think I'm a pretty decent stylist, but I don't have the goods to bring it (and by "goods" I mean "cash" and by "bring" I mean "own"). Without your help, I would have worn this incredibly impressive ensemble, and I would have looked like a mannequin at Macy's (no offense, Macy's). I presently have each of these pieces in my closet and this is as good as it gets (don't cry for me Argentina):

But now, thanks to my WWEPW pals, I don't have to look like Andrew McCarthy's dream girl. (Although, that would have been rad when I was 13. "He drives a Bee Em Dubba Yew!")

First off, I would like to channel Goldmember and say, "I love bowwwwwws!" I love, love, love them and you offered a plethora--bows on cardis, bows on earrings, bows on purses! Can you believe that last weekend I totally almost bought the bracelet Danielle chose in her set? (But I wanted to see what y’all came up with first.) And another thing...color me thrilled! As you can see above, I never would have thought of adding color. Yay, yellow, red and pink! Hooray!

Next, I'd like to give a shout-out to Nicolle for the awesome trench. I'm so into them right now. I would kiss Tanaka for that trench. That's love, fer real. And props to Nic for the hair fascinator. I love it!

Since there were three times as many entries as expected, I chose three Honorable Mentions that really tickled my transcripts, each of which will receive a super awesome Emma Pillsbury Birthday Party goodie bag AND party CD. The Major Prize winner not only gets a goodie bag and CD, but also one Chickadee ring of her choice! Ahh, what the heck! Everyone who participated gets a goodie bag! Yay, Challengers! WWEPWers, Hooray!

Now on to the ceremony starting with the three Honorable Mentions…

Most Emma Pillsbury: Wedding Challenge by Nicolle!

WTC! (What The Cardi) Blue annnnnd yellow, statement necklace annnnnd matching ring, JCrew annnnnd Anthropologie? The Emmalicious car coat is to die for! Not to mention the Peter Pan collar.

Most Holly Golightly: WWEPW Wedding Outfit by Erin!

Tell me that coat isn't Audrey-worthy! Given the opportunity, I would sleep in that coat with my tassle ear-plugs and faux lashes eye mask! Her earrings were often demure studs, but her necklaces always made a statement. And I'm thinking that clutch is just big enough for a couple bills, lipstick and her runaway keys!

Most Jackie O: Melissa’s Wedding Outfit by Gemma!

Lady, if I lived in Camelot, I’d be all over this one! The little turn-collar cardigan, the sweater clips and pearls! Not to mention the sunglasses which are very O! The long sleeve cardigan is so Chanel-esque. I love it. Ready, set, jump into my closet you pretty little things!

And now…Journey mash-up, please…The Major Prize Winner is…

Most Silly Bee's Chickadee (but better!): Going to the Chapel by Eliz!

Girl, you nailed it! Like I said before, I heart bows and the one on that little jacket is adorrrrrrrable! I love that bag and the brooch is gorgeous. You even thought of nail color! The taupe flower headpiece is very similar to one I own and have yet to wear. I never would have figured that one out! Now, if you'll exqueeze me, I have some shopping to do!

Thanks for honoring me with all your brilliant styling, WWEPWers! I just may have to pick from everyone's sets to create the ultimate ensemble! I'll share it with you as soon as I pull it all together!

Thank you again and that's how Melissa (Silly Bee's Chickadee) "Cs" it!

Everyone gets a goodie bag, the honorables get goodie bags and CDs, and the winner gets a goodie bag, CD and Chickadee ring.

P.S. -- A note about the bling, my jewelry box is so sad and all of these gems would really pep it up. I'll be contacting you for donations. Thank you.


We're always happy to have a reason for a fun fashion challenge! I'm glad we could help Melissa style her wedding look a-la-Emma! To contact Melissa for the Emma Pillsbury goodies she so generously offered, and for Eliz to select her ring, give her a shout at melgarza2000 (at) yahoo (dot) com! And don't forget to check out her Etsy shop, Silly Bee's Chickadees!


Teresa said...

WOW! Melissa is super generous!!! This was fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome challenge!! Congrats Eliz!!! Loved your set soo much!

And yay! Most Emma Pillsbury! I'll take that!!! There's a reason my nickname at work is Pillsbury!!! :D

vacantmuse said...

ohmygosh! i can't believe how wonderful this girl is! I hope Will Shuester's hotter brother is at this wedding and you totally score with your bow-tastic ways! XD

Eliz said...

Oh wow, Melissa, you are so nice!! Thank you so much. Sheesh, I'm blushing!

Congrats everyone! I love this challenge!

Gebba said...

I'm SO excited!! All those are so cute- I'd like to snatch up that yellow trench coat right now! And its like 90 degrees here!

Jen516 said...

Great fun, lots of looks, and Melissa is soooooo sweet!

Silly Bee's Chickadees said...

Yay! This was soooo much fun! I seriously can't believe how many sets I got to choose from. You like me! You really, really, like me!

Everyone who participated, don't forget to email me your mailing addresses so I can send you goodies.


P.S. If you can identify all the pop culture references in my challenge results post, you'll get a gold star. Seriously, I'll put one in your goodie bag!

P.P.S. I'm pretty lucky to have my own Mr. McGleemy. But, maybe it wouldn't have taken me so long to find him if I had WWEPW when I was younger!

Anonymous said...

Where is that plaid coat from in Nicolle's set?????!!!!?