Friday, May 14, 2010

Making Up Emma - Great Moments In Emma's Faces

The Illustrated Edition
by Teresa

Emma Pillsbury was sadly absent from this week's episode "Laryngitis" and I know I was not the only person bummed out. Still, that doesn't prevent me with finding something to say about Emma's makeup, and I'll go back in time if I have to! And it looks like I have to!

Emma always looks smashing in her outfits, but I would like to do a countdown of my Very Favorite Emma Faces from this season thus far. This includes that fantastic hair and that Emmalicious Bang Swoosh that has been less of a focus in the Back 9. I'd like to see some more dedication to the Bang Swoosh and the awesomeness it promoted. For those who don't know, the Bang Swoosh looks like a fun water slide but it's in hair. Like this:

See? Swoosh.

Without Further Ado:
The Top 5 Emma Faces of Season 1 Thus Far Could The Title Be Longer I Guess Not

I've also taken the liberty of using pictures and really awful Paint skills to make my point.

5. "I could get fired for this" The Rhodes Not Taken

Emma's cheeks are rosy with a hint of blush as she tries to pry information about that hussy April Rhodes from Will. OH EMMA. OH EMMA, IF WE COULD ONLY WARN YOU. SHE WILL HAVE SINGING/SLEEPING TIME IN WILL'S BED OMFG DON'T GIVE HIM THE FOLDER. BURN THE FOLDER.

4. "He deserves a lot better than you." Vitamin D

In this scene, Emma spends a lot of time talking to Terri's groin area, giving us a chance to see her lowered eyelids and great eye makeup of soft lavender and liner on the bottom outer edges. I don't blame her, Terri was eying her like a starving velociraptor. But her eyelashes look so awesome. And that swoosh just makes everyone happy, right? It's like there is a little cord behind Emma's head, and you pull it, and her bangs swoosh up like theater curtains. (At least, that's how it works in my mind, I do understand that a curling iron was actually involved).

3. "Can you keep a secret?"


I can't even draw on this picture as I am so distracted by Will, I ended up scribbling and drooling. Just enjoy it as is.

2. "You stuck your nasty baby-faking finger in my coffee cup HOW DARE YOU." Vitamin D

Everything about Emma in this scene was totally adorable. She's GREAT at looking totally shocked. Her hair is swooshing like a mofo, and her makeup is flawless, accentuating that pristine complexion. She's got the correct amount of concealer on underneath her eyes (an area that has been ignored in the B9 too often). She even has sweater clips! YOU GO GIRL.

1. "You got a little mustard in your butt-chin"
Vitamin D
(I really loved this episode, apparently)

That is supposed to be celebratory confetti being sprinkled everywhere. It looks like the wall of a liquor store in downtown Candyland, but just go with it.

This scene was absolutely perfect. So perfect it makes my teeth hurt. A perfect soft pink eyeshadow, accentuated in the crease with a light purple. The only way it could get more perfect is if rainbows appeared and a sparkling unicorn came down to take Will & Emma away to live in a castle made of cupcakes forever.

Insane yellow blouse? Check.
Unbelievably precise hair? Check.
Perfect eyeshadow? Check.

Congrats Emma! These were your Top 5! Here's to many many more!


kjmull126 said...

Loved this! Thanks for the feature.

Siobhan said...

Fab feature! I have to say, I love the awesome bang swoosh (well, fringe swoosh to us Brit types) and I wish I knew how to do it and get it to stay put...

Courtney said...

That was classic. It's "fringe" for me in Oz, too, but I'm still in awe. The creative team on this show are so awesome, they stun me every week. Just one of the many zillions of things I look forward to every week :-)

A+ for your enthusiasm, Teresa :-)

Shawna said...

This was great! If anyone knows how to do the Emma hair, a tutorial would be greatly appreciated.

Finding Me said...

Cute post.
I;m pleased I'm not the only one who still like to "edit" pictures using paint hehe.
The mustard butt-chin pic is too cute!

Heather said...

'Whisper it again. Closer. Closer' -- A great article once again, Teresa.

I found out about the fringe/bang thing last night when searching for home fringe how-to videos on YouTube.

Snaily.. said...

I would love for Jayma Mays to read this. :)

Danielle said...

This is one of my favorite blog posts ever. Hilarious, adorable and *true*.

Maggie said...

WWEPW has GOT to be the cutest and best blog ever. :)

Deliciously Girly said...

LOLZ @ whole post, but esp. "liquor store in CandyLand". FTW.

Although I like the swoop, I would love to see Emma P. switch it up with some hair accessories. Am I merely a semi-vocal minority? =/

Eliz said...

Stop being so funny, Teresa; you're making me feel inadequate. And jealous. Except I like you too much to attempt to sabotage you à la Sue Sylvester.

Sarahnargle said...


That being said, 3. "Can you keep a secret?" was actually from The Rhodes Not Taken.

Also, theater curtains!

Teresa said...

Thanks guys, I am really glad to be part of this!! :D

And Sarahnargle, you're right! Oops!

And for those interested in achieving that Emma style, here's Jayma Mays lookin' fly gettin; her hair did:

You can see: big rollers for the bottom layers and the bangs in a very sprayed-down side curl. You can also see that I really love pausing videos where people look silly. :P

bonjouritsjinah said...

Hahaha all the captions about her bang swoops are priceless!

Permanent Rose said...

I watch Glee JUST to see Emma's priceless expressions :P

So glad you didn't let the lack of Emma stop you from keeping us entertained :P

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I love this. My favorite Emma hair swoop is from the Vitamin D episode and when Terri touched her cup i was like "omg! she didn't just do that!". I think the comments on the pics are too funny. I enjoyed the A+ and the little stick figure person. This made my emma fix for the week. Does anyone know if emma will be in this weeks episode? please say yes.

Liz H. said...

ahh Teresa <3 Your segments are amazing and so funny! Beautiful work!! Emma!Swoosh ftw <3

Anonymous said...

Is Emma going to leave Will for a dentist? Who will the new cast member be? Any ideas?

Sarahnargle said...

Oh my god that would be hilarious. Think of how clean he could keep her teeth!

Teresa said...

HEY! Please no spoilers here, some people try to avoid them! Thanks!

Julia said...

Do they all wear fake eyelashes? Or was having amazing superhuman eyelashes on the casting director's checklist? Perfect size 2 frame.. check, big expressive eyes.. check, superhuman eyelashes...check!

Teresa said...

Julia---I know Quinn does on the show, as does Santana and I've seen Jenna and Amber in real life, up close, and they were wearing them for an awards show. I know Emma is wearing them in a few scenes, but sometimes is not.

I am almost positive that Lea Michele's are natural on the show.

Julia said...

Thanks Teresa, my eyelashes were feeling so inadequate!

Abby said...

I totally made my own favorite Emma faces graphic a few weeks ago!

It's up through The Power Of Madonna. I'm thinking of doing a part 2 when the season is finished.