Thursday, May 13, 2010

Emma Pillsbury Style - Get The Look - Emma's Living Room by Alaina from LCY

When I first started writing WWEPW, I got the nicest email from Alaina, who writes the absolutely amazing style blog Live Creating Yourself.

In no time, we bonded over our shared love of Glee, Emma's wardrobe, and beautiful spaces. Alaina is my favorite kind of blogger - creative, friendly, and incredibly kind. She's an amazing graphic artist (one of her prints hangs proudly in my home!), and interior designer (seriously, you must check out the transformation of her beautiful apartment!).

For months, fans of Glee have speculated about Emma's living quarters. We know she lives in a "building," but since that fleeting mention in the Pilot, any information about Emma's digs has been left to our imaginations. Well, I couldn't wait any more, so I called on Alaina to come up with her version of Emma's place. Ready?

Take a look at Alaina's first creation: Emma's Living Room

"Because Emma hasn't had to design her home around anyone but herself, I wanted her main living room to be ultra-feminine, somewhat monochromatic, light, uniform, and tidy with a vintage flair - just like all of Emma's ensembles. I stuck with grey, yellow, and white for the main color palette because I think if anyone could keep such a light-colored room perfectly clean, it would be Emma."
Alaina has provided a source list for you, as well!

Couch - Crate and Barrel Petrie Sofa
Coffee table - Crate and Barrel Era Coffee Table
Chairs - Serena and Lily Avignon Chair in Bark Diamond
White bookshelves - Crate and Barrel Paterson Bookcase White pillows - Crate and Barrel Layla Pillow
Lamp - JCPenney Crystal Ball Table Lamp

How INCREDIBLE is this room? I saw this and instantly wanted Alaina to come and redesign every room in my house. And THE SHOES are there! Oh, how I love this girl! I can't sing Alaina's praises enough, nor can I find words to adequately express how much I love that Alaina is creating Emma's apartment for WWEPW, so I'm just going to stop gushing and let you stare at that picture some more.

Be sure to visit Alaina's site Live Creating Yourself, and treat yourself to one of her fabulous graphic prints from her LCYBlog shop on Etsy! When she's got a spread in Elle Decor magazine, you'll be ahead of the curve!

Thank you so much, Alaina, for creating this series of guest blogs for WWEPW!


Teresa said...

That's really cute! I really love the rug!

Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

Oh my goodness, this is fabulous!! I love the colors that she chose!

Danielle said...

That is absolutely adorable!
Although, I'm not sure Emma would ever leave her shoes on the living room floor. Oh well, maybe Sue's therapy is working for her. =)

DMBY said...

What a beautiful room! If only I could makeover my house, Emma-style.

I might go ahead and get that lamp though. It's on sale for half price!

Alaina @ Live Creating Yourself said...

Um - hands down nicest things anyone has ever said about me!!! Thank you, thank you, Danielle! You are TOO kind!

I'm so pleased you like it and hope all of Miss Emma's fans hope I did her justice. I'd love to hear suggestions for the other rooms in her home!


p.s. I am still waiting for a picture of your "I can write a blog" print!! : )

kjmull126 said...

This is a great feature. Thanks so much for writing it!

I had an image of plastic covering anything... and Windex wipes nearby for all of the furniture. Your creation is a million times better!

Does anyone know if we will see Emma's residence in an episode??

Kathryn said...

love love love it! Alaina, what program did you make this room in? Did you photoshop it together, or is there some equivalent of Polyvore for interior design? Inquiring minds want to know!

Samantha Chow said...

Lovely! However, correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought Emma was living with her dad? ;)

Eliz said...

Beautiful! Yellow and gray is probably my favorite color combination ever, so I am, of course, a fan!

I really, really hope we get to see Emma's home. It doesn't look like we will this season, but maybe season two? (PLEASE?)

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

Very Alaina, love it! She has amazing style and a great eye for detail. Amaizng for Emma, spot on!