Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Emma Pillsbury Fashion Caps - Bad Reputation - Field Flower Felted Lei Cardigan

"You're sure this is just juice, Sue?"

"Sure, Ellen. Juice."


"Ooh! Tastes funny. What did you call it? Berry Acai?"



"I won't be sick I won't be sick I won't be sick."

"Oh no."

And thus concludes my version of "Emma Pillsbury, Drunk at Work."


Anonymous said...

Ahahahha! Drunk Emma! Now that is something I would like to see!

Teresa said...

HAHAHA Emma, never trust Sue!!!

Megan said...

Hahaha! Love it.

Permanent Rose said...

Drunk Emma=this needs to happen on the show :P

Eliz said...

I'd pay cold, hard cash to see that in action.

kjmull126 said...

This made my morning. Thanks, Danielle!

Jaimie said...

Too funny! Made my morning too. And, that sweater is gorgeous!

Liz H. said...

ahahahh <33 Danielle you crack me up! These things are hilarious!!