Thursday, April 29, 2010

Emma Pillsbury Style - Get The Look - Prom Photo Shoot

I first discovered this photo from a recent Glee photo shoot thanks to my lovely friend Natalie's blog Your Daily Dose of Jaymamazing.

50s Emma! Yay! Love the tulle scarf tied around her neck.

Did they make Adidas track suits in the 50s? If not, Sue Sylvester would have invented them.

That jukebox? Want.


The black and white polka-dot print on Jayma's dress leads me to believe it's made by Ruby Rox. It may, in fact, be this very dress, with a few embellishments added by the costume department...(crinoline? piping?).

Teen Girls' Clothes by Ruby Rox at ShopStyle
Ruby Rox Sweetheart Dress from Nordstrom - $44
(Click the photo for more information)

Another sweet retro polka dot dress that won't do too much damage to your pocketbook.

Petite Dresses by Merona at ShopStyle
Merona Collection Petites Penelope Polka Dot Dress from Target - $39.99
(Click the photo for more information)

A mint-green cardi over a black-and-white dress? YES.

Cardigans by Old Navy at ShopStyle

Pointelle Trim Cardigan from Old Navy - $26.50
(Click the photo for more information)

Cardigans by Lord & Taylor at ShopStyle

Lord & Taylor Basic Cardigan - $29.99
(Click the photo for more information)

Don't forget a skinny belt. And stop at your local fabric store for a little tulle remnant for a scarf.

Belts by Boden at ShopStyle
Perspex Buckle Belt from Boden - $19
(Click the photo for more information)

Belts by Newport News at ShopStyle
Patent Belt from Newport News - $15
(Click the photo for more information)

Can't fork over $300 for Emma's red D&G pumps? Here are some less expensive alternatives.
Shoes & Boots at Kohl's at ShopStyle
Patent Mary Jane Costume Heels from Kohl's - $37.99
(Click the photo for more information)

Pumps by Pleaser USA at ShopStyle

Pleaser Vanity-442 Mary Jane Pump from - $31.54
(Click the photo for more information)

Pleaser Schoolgirl-50 Mary Jane from - $42.95
(Click the photo for more information)

Now you're ready to chaperone the prom! NO MAKING OUT WITH WILL IN THE GIRLS' ROOM. Ok, maybe just a little.


Teresa said...

I LOVE this look!! They need to release the HQ photos! They all look so adorable!

LOVE the Kohl's heels!

AmyB said...

Love it!

Rachel said...

Oh my goodness!!!! This just might be my favorite ever Emma Pillsbury look. I wonder who the stylist is for her clothes on the Glee show?

Danielle said...

Rachel, the costume designer is Lou Eyrich, and she's a goddess.

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

I love your blog! Glad I found it :)

Sarah said...

Mercedes' hair is so cute!
Does it maybe look like Emma's singing something in the jukebox picture. Maybe a tune from the fifties, maybe a musical sequence?!
Sue, as always, looks awesome.
Cannot cannot wait. Will better be wearing something perfectly completely to her look, or there will be consequences.

Sarah said...

*complementary to her look

I was shocked by excitement into bad spelling: I have no other excuse. :)

Sarahnargle said...
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Sarahnargle said...

By the way, I switched my name to Sarahnargle so there'll be less confusion with the multiple Sarahs.

Eliz said...

Emma + '50s-inspired clothing = ME, DEAD FROM EPICNESS

goldenmeans said...

Oh, so cute! I've never thought of wearing green over black and white polka dots but it sort of works. I think I will pull out my J.Crew Claudine Ink-Dot dress (sorta similar, even if the dots are "abstract"), put a black crinoline underneath and a mint cardigan on next Tuesday in honor of the new episode :)

Rachel said...

One more question: Do you know what cardigan that is Emma is wearing? It is the perfect mint shade.

Danielle said...

It looks to me like a J.Crew cardi from a past season - that color is no longer in stock. :(

Liz H. said...

Ahhhh! I need this dress and that belt and that cardi and those shoes now please!! :D <3333 50s shoot FTW!!

Liz said...

Rachel -- I have a similar cardigan -- it may be a little bit more blue? -- that I just got a few weeks ago (mistakenly thinking it was the same shade she wore with the Wilma Flintstone necklace) at a J.Crew outlet...

josh said...

Omg...When I saw the word Prom I thought you were doing a Prom Themed Fashion Challenge, I got really excited. That would be so much fun!

Danielle said...

Josh, I LOVE IT. Totally going to do that tonight - since Emma wasn't in "Home," we need a Fashion Challenge theme - PROM! You're a genius!

josh said...


...I need a life :">

xxgerardxlovexx said...

Where did u get these? and i it from a video?