Saturday, April 17, 2010

Emma Pillsbury Style - Get The Look - Green Skirt and Vintage Embroidered Cardigan

Where does Lou Eyrich find these incredible sweaters? The ladybug cardigan is one of Emma's best. Vintage cardigans are easy to find, but the unique and kitschy embroidered and appliqued pieces Emma wears are needles in the proverbial haystack.

I love the deep green skirt that Emma wears with this cardi. Such a great color.

Etsy is a great place to shop for vintage cardis. Here are a few of my favorite finds - two from Etsy and one from a great online vintage shop:

1960s Off-White Embroidered Cardigan from CatseyeVintage ($85) - DUCKS!
50s Black Cashmere Cardigan from Viva Vintage Clothing ($85)
Vintage 1960s Spring Blooms Cardigan from ReviveVintage ($38)

Talbots is a great place to find skirts in that lovely deep green.

Eyelet Trimmed Skirt ($89)
Embroidered Skirt ($69.50) I love the little bicycles!
Refined Irish Linen 26" Panel Skirt ($109)

I love the return of the delicate blouse with the Peter Pan collar under this sweater!


Ashley said...

Are they ladybugs or red flowers? It's hard to see, but I think they are flowers... Either way Emma looks adorable!

Danielle said...

Ashley, they're definitely ladybugs. I saw this episode at a screening on a movie-theater screen and although they do look like flowers, they're weirdly shaped ladybugs. I thought they were flowers at first, too, until I got a closer look. :)

Ashley said...

I inspected it further and I stand corrected and you are definitely right - You can see that the red blobs are indeed ladybugs in the photo with the caption "Don't even joke about that!" They are weird looking though!

Wish I could have seen last week's episode on the big screen- vogue video and all!