Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fashion Challenge Results - Sousa Regalia Cardigan

Ok, people! I'm sold on the military look thanks to the amazing outfits you put together for this week's Fashion Challenge. I just want to have a big party where we all bring the clothes that sit in our closets, unworn, because we don't know what do do with them! What do you say? We'll have cupcakes and play Twister!

This week, Rachel of GleeHab and I are joined by one of our favorite Gleeks, Natalie!

Natalie is a huge Jayma Mays fan and shares the Jayma love on her site Your Daily Dose of Jaymamazing and on Twitter @Jaymafans.

We love Natalie's humor and her positivity, and we especially adore her for introducing the phrase OMJAYMA! into our lives!

Rach, Natalie and I have chosen these three looks as our favorites this week:

Suzie's Look

This was Suzie's first entry in the WWEPW Fashion Challenge and her only request when she submitted this look was not to be judged too harshly! No worries there, because all three of us loved the choice of crisp white and gold accents with the cardi.

Be sure to visit Suzie's website Gleeks United! Read part of Her fantastic interview with Heather Morris, who plays Brittany on Glee, published today!

Nicolle's Look

How adorable is that yellow coat? SO! We loved the rose motif - it made us look at the gold accents on the cardi in a whole new way!

Amy B's Look

HI, Amy used the pamphlets from Emma's office as her background. That alone would be instant win, but the purple (cerise, as it's officially named - love that) and butterscotch color palette with the navy sweater is brilliant. Another stellar entry from Amy!

If you're not on board with the military look, get ready to be converted! I definitely was after seeing these outfits!

WWEPW's Look

I'm obsessed with these shoes.

Meg's Look

I love that Meg created an evening-appropriate look!

Sweet Archivia's Look

This is why I love these challenges. The military cardi with the floral skirt totally works, but would I see that myself? No. It takes the fashion stylings of people like Sweet Archivia to help me!

Nina's Look

The Sousa cardi with red is absolutely gorgeous. Might that be Emma's engagement ring from Will? I hope he knows how affected she was by Blood Diamond. Polyvorers, be sure to join Nina's Emma Pillsbury group!

Emma's Look

Love the military-equestrian combo!

Lucy's Look

Lucy sent this look to us all the way from the UK, and I'm so glad she did! How perfect is her shamrock necklace today? I hope you're enjoying Glee in the UK, Lucy!

Rachel's Look

Remember last week's winning look with the green bow sweater? Rachel created it! It's great to put a name to a favorite outfit! Another successful floral-military pairing, here.

Mrs. M's Look

Another reason I need these Fashion Challenges in my life: to learn to pair patterns, as Mrs. M has done so well in this outfit. And the candy apple red is my weakness.

Erin's Look

I want that watch and I want it now. And those shoes. And that dress. And purse.

Jen's Look

Jen's roommate Suzie, (one of our winners this week!) got her hooked on the fashion challenge. Jen, I hope you'll keep playing because this look is made of fabulous!

Jessica's Look

Dear Jessica, please teach me how to do this with my own wardrobe, k? Thanks.

Celeste's Look

Aside from the fabulous look, I am amazed by the creative backgrounds and accents Celeste adds to her Polyvore sets.

Lori's Look

Love the title of this set! And the primary color scheme is one that I cannot resist.

Jen's Look

I can't stop singing the Brady Bunch song now! And I can't stop smiling after looking at this outfit!

And there we have it! Congratulations to Suzie, Nicolle, and Amy B! Thanks to everyone who participated, and special thanks to Rachel and the JAYMAMAZING Natalie for judging this week's challenge!

Do you have a Glee-related or a fashion blog? I am looking for future Fashion Challenge judges, and I love to share people's awesome blogs on WWEPW. If you're interested, email me at emmapillsbury (at) gmail (dot) com!


Teresa said...

As always, they are awesome! But the red shoes in Erin's set are CALLING TO ME.

Suzanne Gardner said...

Woo, such fun! All these sets are gorgeous. I'll definitely back to play again next week! Thanks Danielle, Rachel, and Natalie! :)

Jesslyn said...

Love these! Ditto the love for the red shoes in Erin's set. I had to click on them and am now very depressed about the price.

Erin said...

Jesslyn--it IS depressing isn't it? At least with polyvore, I can pretend to add them to my wardrobe.

I love that me and Jessica used the same bag! It's so bootiful.

Lucy said...

Thank you for featuring my look! (^_^) Yes I'm very much enjoying Glee here in the UK (we just had the episode Hairography)
I had such fun putting the outfit together ,despite my computer crashing about 3 times (X_X). Can't wait until the next challenge!

From Lucy, England

Mrs M said...

Great submissions guys!

Elisha said...

thanks for sharing!!! keep up the good work... blog is really great!!! so very helpful!!thank!!