Thursday, March 18, 2010

Countdown Fashion Challenge

The return of Glee on April 13 is getting closer and closer! How about a little Countdown Fashion Challenge to help us make it through the home stretch?

Here's the plan: Starting on March 31, WWEPW will spotlight each of the first 13 episodes of Glee, in order.

Your job? To create a look inspired by one (or more!) of Emma's outfits from that episode!

The catch: you must use inspiration pieces only - no exact items from her outfits allowed!
(We'll save those for our regular Fashion Challenges.)

For example, this monochromatic outfit from the Pilot...

...inspired me to make this monochromatic outfit.

And this print blouse and pencil skirt...

...inspired me to put together this print blouse and pencil skirt.

Get the idea? And as my way of saying thank you to the awesome readers of WWEPW, I'm going to put every participant's name in a hat (or a beret, in true Emma style!). I'll draw a name on April 13, also known as the greatest day on earth, and the winner will receive a lovely pair of sweater clips from me!

Entries are welcome starting today! Please email or Polyvore them to me at emmapillsbury (at) gmail (dot) com at least one day before the challenge for that particular episode. Here's the schedule (click the episode title link to see all of Emma's outfits from the episode):

Wednesday, March 31 - Pilot
Thursday, April 1 - Showmance
Friday, April 2 - Acafellas
Saturday, April 3 - Preggers
Sunday, April 4 - The Rhodes Not Taken
Monday, April 5 - Vitamin D
Tuesday, April 6 - Throwdown - No Emma*
Wednesday, April 7 - Mash-Up
Thursday, April 8 - Wheels - No Emma*
Friday, April 9 - Ballad
Saturday, April 10 - Hairography
Sunday, April 11 - Mattress
Monday, April 12 - Sectionals
Tuesday, April 13 - HELLO airs! Drawing and winner announced!

*For Wheels and Hairography, the episodes sans-Emma, create ANY Emma-ish look that you have worn or would love to wear!

With your entry, feel free to include a short description of the connection between your outfit and the inspiration outfit!



Mrs M said...

Love it!

AmyJo said...

This sounds awesome, I am going to have to get polyvoring this weekend, since I will be a little busy on April 3...SEEING THE CAST OF GLEE ON OPRAH!!!!!
My heart is pounding and am so excited, but I have nothing to wear!

Danielle said...

GIRL! That is so exciting! I am dying to hear about this! And of course I want to go shopping with you RIGHT NOW!

AmyJo said...

I know!!! I told my hubby to expect a nice spree at J.Crew or Anthropologie! Come on down to St. Louis and we will shop shop shop.. They want us to wear bright colors and have lots of energy!

Teresa said...


Danielle---the orange and blue set is TO DIE FOR. That top---with that sash, absolutely adorable!

Suzanne Gardner said...

WOW, best fashion challenge ever! I cannot wait to make A BILLION OUTFITS! This does not bode well for the massive amount of editing I have to do. :P

Mrs M said...

Will be starting on this today although I am not going to be as excited as you guys as I have only have two episodes left of the first season to watch and no idea when we'll get the second part :-( Unfair. I might have to avoid all Glee related websites until we get it!!!

MissKellie said...

Oh, this sounds fun!! :D Now I know what I'll be doing tonight- making billions of Polyvore sets! :D