Thursday, February 4, 2010

What Would Emma Wear? - Sick Day

Well, I'm sick. Sick sick sick. Which got me thinking about what Emma might wear when she's home sick. Not that she would ever get sick, mind you, what with all of the avoiding germs and antibacterial hand gel.

But IF she did, I think she'd wear something like this.

I absolutely see her sipping tea out of a proper cup and saucer.


Liz said...

Well, if Will was a carrier and she kissed him before he exhibited symptoms, she could still get sick... :D

(I totally agree about the cup and saucer.)

Feel better soon!

milk_and_glass said...

In my world, Emma gets sick and Will takes care of her! (Well, she did in one of my stories, lol). I love the outfit, those pajamas look so comfy!

Feel better!

dinagideon said...

I saw it on polyvore and I was all "where is she going with this?" Haha. :)

Feel better, hon. It is tough being under the weather!

Rachel said...

I think Emma would wear that. I hope you get to feeling better. Do you think Emma would wear this cardigan to school? I ordered it from F21 and it is really pretty, but I am worried I will get laughed at over the sleeves. What do you think of it? Here is a link:

Teresa said...

That is such an Emma-is-sick outfit! LOVE it! Where are those pjs from?

Emma said...

1) cute idea. love the cup and saucer!
2) reply to rachel's comment: that sweater is adorable, and people won't laugh, they'll be in awe of your aweseomeness.

Anonymous said...

Oh lord, that is the cutest sick day outfit I have ever seen. Great work :)

Sarahnargle said...

I bet she sticks her pinky finger out too. :)