Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fashion Challenge Results - Watercolor Skirt


If this is the kind of stuff you're going to turn out for the first WWEPW Fashion Challenge, I can't wait to see what else you come up with!

After about the fourth entry, I decided I couldn't possibly choose three favorites on my own, so I called on Rachel, the author of a really great new website - GleeHab.com, for some help. Rachel and I squeeeeed over all the entries, and then forced ourselves to choose our three favorite looks.

Before we get to all the entries, and our top three looks, please take a moment to ooh and ahh over my contribution to the Watercolor Skirt challenge.

All together now.

Oooooooh. Aaaaaaah.

And now, in no particular order, the three winners of the first WWEPW Fashion Challenge!

Andley's Look

This look gave us something we both just loved: the unexpected. The splash of red in the shoes and handbag was so surprising.

Dina's Look

We loved the monochromatic pinks paired with the neutral shoes and bag.

KDot's Look

We could just picture a sweater guard holding the salmon-colored cardi closed at the top, while the yellow layered tank peeked out below. The soft blush color of the shoes picks up the background of the skirt so nicely.

It really was so difficult to pick these three as our favorites. As you'll see below, every single entry could have been one of our top three looks for one reason or another, and that's not an exaggeration. Check out the rest of the looks from the Watercolor Skirt challenge.

Lori's look

Liz's look

Meg's look

Amy's look

Amy's look

Natalie's look

Tenley's look
Watercolor Skirt Challenge

Thanks to EVERYONE who participated in the first WWEPW Fashion Challenge, and a big thanks to Rachel from GleeHab.com for "guest judging" this challenge with me!

Congratulations to the creators of our three favorite looks - Andley, KDot, and Dina! Be sure to send me an email at emmapillsbury (at) gmail (dot) com, with your email address and the name of the song you'd like to receive as your gift from me!

Everyone - please give all of our Fashion Challenge participants some love in the comments! Which look was your favorite?


Teresa said...

WOW!! AMAZING matches! I really liked Pugglie's set and jaymafans' set. So many cute cardis all over the place!

Natalie said...

Although I was rooting for my own set :D I am a sucker for a cute trench and I loved Dina's look! Way to work it!

Danielle said...

I absolutely and completely want that trench coat in Meg's set. *swoon*

Ivy said...

Omg, how did Even begin to narrow it down!? However the three looks were great pick. Go you guys :)

My favourite is amy's look. Just because the touch of lilac was unexpected and brought a whole new element to the skirt and outfit as a whole. Well done everyone!!

Nicolle said...

I really love all these looks! So pretty! Especially Dina's and KDots's, that satin flower clutch is adorable!

Teresa said...

Also, Danielle, I like how you included Emma's favorite shoes. :P

I like the shoes in Amy's set, too. Super cute.

Emma said...

I finally feel like I'm not the only freak who loves clothing enough to ignore her crazy work load and put together outfits. Way to go fellow fashionistas!

KDot said...

Thank you for picking my set. Weeeee!!! That was fun.

dinagideon said...

I am such a polyvore addict, I am glad that you are giving me a focus for all my energy. :) LOL.

All of these beautiful spring colors are making me swoon. Of course it could be because we are now on our millionth day of snow here, but either way, all of the sets are just GORGEOUS!

Rachel K said...

It was tough to choose!! Everyone did such a great job! Yay for the winners and yay for my girl Danielle and her genius blog!

Jaimie said...

Wow, what amazing looks you all put together! Congrats to the 3 top picks! I have to say, I do love those Old Navy cardigans and I see Amy has one in her set. I need to go check them out in person. For someone like me who has always been so fashion-challenged, this blog is really helping to open my eyes to a whole new world of ideas and inspiration. You ladies are wonderful! Thanks, Danielle, for doing all this!

AmyJo said...

This was so much fun, I can't wait for the one...

Danielle, thank you for doing such an awesome job keeping our Emma attentions, April doesn't seem so far away now!

SogniSorrisi said...

Some really great outfits!

Anonymous said...

They are all so cute! How could you go wrong with that cute skirt?!

My favourites are Dina's, Meg's and Natalie's. All adorable!