Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fashion Challenge Results - Tea Party Cardigan

People! You're magnificent! This week I received 16, count 'em, SIXTEEN wonderful entries, not including my own! This week's guest judges are two of my favorite Glee bloggers:

Rachel, from GleeHab.com!

Rachel's got a great article up today - her interview with Jennifer Aspen, who plays Kendra on Glee. It's hysterically funny and not to be missed!

and Erin, from GleeDork.com!

Erin has a great feature running on her blog - Glee Music Showdown - Glee covers compete against the original tunes, and readers vote for their favorites. Be sure to check it out!

Back to the results...I feel like the Ryan Seacrest of bloggers right now, except I won't keep you waiting through commercials and dramatic pauses.

Rachel, Erin and I compared our choices and from that, I selected these three looks for this week's Top 3:

Haley's Look

Did you faint? I did. I fainted when I saw this look. The skirt just screams Emma! And the blouse! And the shoes! And the jewelry! And! And! Visit Haley's blog for a rundown of all the items!

Natalie's Look

Green and purple? Yes, please! And hello, shoes!

Yonit's Look

I'm totally skipping Starbucks for the next four months to save up for that necklace. Rachel especially loved this look!

Let's take a look at the rest of the entries!

WWEPW's Look
Tea Party Cardigan

Celeste's Look

Erin said, "The butterfly skirt is ADORABLE." I think it's totally Glee-meets-Enchanted! Like the little butterflies would fly right off the skirt and hover all around Emma's head. Clean butterflies, of course.

Emma's Look

LOVE the little bottle of Purell, Emma! Brilliant!

Jumpingbean's Look

I'm going to thumb wrestle Erin for that hat.

Tenley's Look

Erin NEEDS this blue clutch!

Jessica's Look

Jessica is such a sweetie - I always love hearing from her. Way to bring it with the striped background, girl!

Lori's Look

I REALLY love this blouse. I think it looks smashing with the cardi!

Liz's Look

Another great blouse. And color scheme. And pretty much everything about this.

Kuteki's Look

All the yellow in this look made Erin very happy! She said, "This one is like Emma meets Gloria from Modern Family. In the best way possible. Maybe Emma would wear this on a Hawaiian vacation!" Loves.

Amy B's Look

You know how I love color surprises. This look really succeeds with the bright purse and shoes!

Amy J's Look

WWEPW2 by ajin811 featuring GAP tops

Looks like we have the same fashion sense, Amy! I am swooning over those stacked peep-toe shoes.

Tiffany Rose's Look

What's not to love, here? Tiffany Rose definitely has an eye for color - I would wear this outfit in a heartbeat. The tea-party scenario is fabulous, too! Need. That. Phone.

Cass' Look

Hooray! Another dress! I am obsessed with dresses lately, and this one is going straight to the top of my list. Visit Cass' blog to see the links to all of the items in the set!

Meg's Look

One of my all-time favorite skirts, from Modcloth. I'm starting to think I should throw away everything in my closet that's not blue and green, I love this color combination so much.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in this week's Fashion Challenge! I can't tell you how much fun it is to see your entries pop up in my email.

And a big huge thank you to Rachel and Erin for guest judging with me! If you haven't bookmarked GleeHab.com and GleeDork.com, what are you waiting for?

Hooray for Haley, Natalie, and Yonit! Let's give all of our participants some love in the comments! Which looks are your favorites?


Rebecca said...

Those all look great and totally Emma!

Out of the three looks, I think I like Haley's best. And I must know where I can find that black and white skirt!

Emma said...

Haley's look is my absolute favorite. I'm glad you like my purel bottle!!!

Liz said...

Haley's is my favorite :) Also I love that Lori picked the same skirt I did... and I actually have the yellow version of the shoes in Kuteki's, they're *awesome*.

Teresa said...

WOW!!! I can't believe how many great choices you had! Just such awesome color matches and accessories...wow!

Yonit said...

Seriously folk, ridiculous amount of fab shoe choices! The ones in Kuteki's would look amazing with the Milly white collared henley from Showmance.

All these great accessories have inspired me to break out of the "jewelery is only for special occasions" rut! Excited to see the next challenge!

Eliz said...

Why doesn't Haley's look click through to Polyvore? I want to know who that skirt is by! :)

Danielle said...

Hey all! Haley's skirt is the Shauna Skirt from Coast-Stores.com - isn't it fabulous!?!

Both Haley and Cass created their own pictures for the challenge - here is the link to Cass' blog, where she has links to all of the items from her look.

Cass' Blog

Thanks for asking, Eliz!

Tenley said...

Love everyone's entry! I love love love the shoes in Natalie's!! So cute!

Cassiopeia said...

Woop! Such a good challenge... More! More!


P.s. being picky, can you put a link to my blog like everyone else's? Thanks hun! :-D


Danielle said...

Cass, the links go to Polyvore sets, not to blogs, but yep, I'll add your link under your photo!

Danielle said...

Hey, you know what else I love about the Fashion Challenges? Seeing how different people lay out their sets. It's kind of like dinner plates - some clothes can't touch, and others overlap all over the place! Love it!

Danielle said...

Hey guys! Haley has a rundown of all the items in her set on her blog - check it out to find out details about the skirt, blouse, shoes and jewelry!

So (What) Single

Based on the number of emails I got, her look was certainly a huge hit!

lizer1994 said...

loving Natalie's!! :D

Haley said...

Hi! Thank you so much for liking my ensemble. This was so much fun. I'm going on a trip this summer and in preparation I am trying to get a little fashion-y game going on my blog. Please take a look and feel free to give your advice!


Thanks again!

Nikosis said...
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