Monday, November 16, 2009

Would Emma Wear It? - Kate Spade Dress and Cardi

We don't usually see Emma in dark colors, but this short-sleeved navy cardi looks great with the bright gold dress.

Broome Street Cassie Cardigan
and Beacon Hill Cassie Shirtdress by Kate Spade

So, what say you? Would Emma wear it?


Alyssa said...

WHo couldn't love Emm'a clothes! I could see this, but in a paler yellow methinks.

Sally said...

I agree with Alyssa that it could make a good Emma outfit in a pale yellow or maybe ivory/taupe--a similar color scheme to her yellow in the pilot. I could also see the cardi with that dress in a slightly lighter navy or even a baby or cerulean blue.

Danielle said...

Yes! I agree - and this dress does come in ivory, if I remember correctly. I read an interview with Lou Eyrich recently where she said they experimented with some darker colors for Emma, but they just didn't feel right, and ended up going back to some of the brighter hues for her. :)

Nicolle said...

I think if the dress was a skirt (Emma doesn't seem to wear many dresses) and if the cardigan was ivory with an enamel flower broach :)

Ivy said...

It's definitely Emma-esque but I agree with you all the colouring is too dark for Emma.

I on the other hand would love to sport that outfit ^^,

Found you very randomly but glad I did. Look forward to reading more posts :)

Hilary Holland said...

She would be all over this if the yellow was lemon chiffon and the cardi was pale purple.