Thursday, November 19, 2009

Emma Pillsbury Fashion ID - Updates

While I'm preparing the looks from this week's episode, here's an update on some of Emma's looks, thanks to the fabulous (and most certainly stylish) readers of this blog.

Nicolle is totally on when it comes to Emma's style. She has helped me find both of these sweaters:

From Preggers:

Anthropologie Moth Leaf Petals Snap-Up Cardigan

From Mash-Up:

Milly Cashmere Cardigan

Nicolle also let me know that Milly makes the spring green sweater with the off-white buttons and collar from Showmance. (I suspect they might also make the periwinkle and cream sweater from the same episode, but I'm not positive.)

Another reader wrote to say that the Moth petals sweater is for sale on eBay right now (there are three of them! - two mediums and one small), and in my search for the Moth sweater, I found the blue Milly (size large) as well. A quick search for "Anthropologie Moth petals" and "Milly blue cardigan" will turn them up easily if you're interested!

Thanks again, Nicolle and everyone!


Nicolle said...

You're very welcome! And thank you for having this amazing blog!

Nicolle said...

Oh and if you need some help for last night episode, the blue cardigan with the pearls is by Leifsdottir for Anthropologie, I was so close to buying it a few months ago now I'm regretting my decision!!!

Danielle said...

You are so awesome! I was wondering about that sweater! I recognized the floral skirt with the coral short-sleeved sweater from J.Crew, but I hadn't seen the sweater before!

Since I started this blog, I am more aware of Anthropologie and J.Crew clothes than ever. If anything new from those stores pops up in future episodes, I will be so excited to recognize it! :)

Anonymous said...

The blue cardigan with the faux pearls by Leifsdottir was also featured on Blair in one of the Gossip Girl episodes.

By the way, since Nordstrom also carries the Leifsdottir line, the cardigan was once sold there as well.

Lydia said...

So I just have to say, I've been watching Glee and I ALWAYS love Emma's clothes. I've been searching for a croched beret with pom pom like hers forever, and when I searched for it, I found this blog and it makes me so happy to see that there are people out there just like me!

And P.S., Anthropologie is my dream store. Which just makes sense to everyone that reads this blog. :)