Saturday, October 17, 2009

Emma Pillsbury Fashion Caps - Pilot

Oh hello, Emma, in your first-of-many cardigans. I love you instantly.

Why, no, I didn't think to pair a lavender sweater with such an adorable yellow beaded necklace. I'm so glad you did, though.

Oh, look. A new day. Yay, that means a new outfit. Do I love you in monochromatic separates? Yes, I do. And wow, those shoes. Just, wow.

I can haz your necklace, too? Kthx.

Dark teal looks nice under that taupe suit. This look may not be for everyone, but you can pull it off.

A paler version of your other yellow necklace, this time with a flower instead of a ladybug. I like that you like yellow.

Hmmm. Is this one of those 'dickey-attached-to-the-sweater' tops? If it is, I won't hold it against you.

Even on Saturday, you look fabulous.

While you were drawing hearts around Will's head, I was drawing hearts around this high-waisted pencil skirt. On my television screen.

Love the asymmetrical placement of those buttons. This blouse could have been The Puffy Shirt of Glee, but it has just the right amount of puffy.

Honorable mention to Rachel. At times, I think she's your mini-me.

Help me out here, Emma. What are you wearing with this simple scoop-neck blue sweater? Is it a golden-hued mini? I'm pretty sure it's not pants because you never wear pants.

So tell me...what was your favorite thing that Emma wore in this episode?


Alaina @ Live Creating Yourself said...

Just found your blog. Couldn't agree more! I was gathering images for the post I plan on doing this Friday: my love for Emma Pillsbury's wardrobe. I plan on linking to your site!

Did you watch tonight?? How WONDERFUL was that ending?!?! It's about time. That whole pregnancy thing (with Will's wife and Finn/Quinn/Puck) was dragging on... but yay! Emma and Will!


Sarah said...

Well, Rachel did wear a shirt with a yellow bow which could also be classified as insane. :)

Sarah said...

Also, I've been dying for that purple blouse with the buttons since the moment I saw those sleeves.

Charlotte Parker said...

Probably those yellow shoes! I love yellow!