Sunday, January 20, 2013

Emma Pillsbury Style - Peter Pan Collars

Peek into Emma Pillsbury's closet and you'll find Peter Pan collars.  On blouses, on sweaters - I'm surprised her nighties don't have them.

Celebrities like Zooey Deschanel, Taylor Swift, and Glee's own Naya Rivera wear them, proving they're not just for school uniforms anymore. Look.  Even says so:

We Celebrate Zooey Deschanel's (And Everyone Else's) Right To Wear A "F-Ing Peter Pan Collar"

So why not you, too?

Emma Pillsbury Style - Peter Pan Collars

Modcloth Wink and a Style Top - $37.99
J.Crew Factory Printed Pencil Skirt in Stretch Cotton - $49.50
J.Crew Factory Classic Crewneck Cardigan in Champagne - $19.99
Target Hailey Jeans Co. Mary Jane Pumps in gray - $29.99
Modcloth Creme de la Creme de Menthe Necklace - $29.99

Total Cost: $167.46

Not a bad price to look like a celebrity.


Tracy@GeneralSplendour said...

I love Peter Pan collars! The J Crew Peter Pan collar shirt sold out immediately and it was adorable. I tried it on and would have worn it everywhere if it wasn't for the steep price tag! :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow thanks for posting this! I was literally googling Peter Pan collars yesterday!

Charlotte said...

Oh HEAVENS I love Peter Pan collars... they are just about the cutest thing that ever existed.
Have a nice day!

Silver Clutch said...

Hey.. what kind of clutches or bags Emma pillsbury would like to prefer for the parties..?

Susan Graves said...

Peter Pan collars..Reasonable price.I wish I had one.
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goodbadandfab said...

Love, love, love!!!
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