Sunday, November 11, 2012

Emma Pillsbury Fashion ID - The Role You Were Born To Play

I'm re-naming this episode "The Outfit You Were Born to Wear." 

In this scene, Emma wears a familiar fuchsia cardigan, now embellished with little blingy bees.

Anthropologie Beribboned Buds Cardigan - no longer available

J.Crew Nicky Top - $39.99 (on sale, available in pink)

It's hard to tell what skirt she's pairing with her white high-collar blouse and pink cardigan, but it looks floral-y.  Fantastic Field, perhaps?

Before we talk about the clothes, a moment of respect for awesome hair...

Okay, now clothes.

I think she looks great in the soft colors of this blue-green top and white cardigan.

 J.Crew Naomi Top - no longer available
J.Crew Crystal Circle Necklace - $135 (available in clear crystal)

Oh, hello, fabulous two-tone mary janes that I cannot find anywhere.

Take two:
Remix Mary Janes 
I believe these are the Taxis, which are on sale in the silver colorway - $98

ETA:  Thanks to the lovely goldenmeans, who alerted me to the Remix brand, and these gorgeous shoes, which are for sale right now! 

Yay!  The return of the coral Primrose Garden necklace!  I have this necklace, and it bums me out that the little round beads are chipped from clinking together.  First world problems, people.
(There is one coral Primrose Garden necklace on eBay right now.)

Who doesn't cook in a $200 Kate Spade skirt, white lace blouse, and designer apron?  Looks like I've found my Thanksgiving outfit.

 Kate Spade Mollie Skirt - $134 (on sale!)

Red Roses Tea & Crumpets Apron (at Anthropologie) - $32

Jokes aside, I am digging Emma's outfits this season in a big way.  Well done, Martucci & Co.


goldenmeans said...

Emma's outfits made me happy this episode :) Also I'm pretty sure the shoes that she's wearing in the kitchen scene are Remix Vintage's "Ginger" slingbacks -- I have them in black and love them :)

Danielle said...

Thank you so much! You are wonderful! And so are those shoes... :)

Anonymous said...

Have you tried touching up the chips on your necklace with (exactly matching) nail polish? It just might do the trick!

Danielle said...

Oooh! Excellent idea! Thank you so much!

Tea said...

Yay! I think we have the old Emma back! Outfit-wise at least! I love the echoes of season 1 in the turquoise/white outfit and that Emma brought back her primrose garden necklace but by wearing it longer it really changes it up! Fabulous colour combination in the kitchen those shoes too! Thanks @goldenmeans for spotting them...I hate to miss out on a great pair of shoes!

This episode definitely stepped it up! Interesting colour combos and innovative use of brooches that's why I watch Glee :D

Danielle said...

The nail polish remedy is an awesome idea! Thank you!

Frenie Agbayani said...

That Women s cardigan sweater is so gorgeous! The color blocking is incredible.

Latest Fashion And Style said...

wow excellent. What a great nail polish idea.

Judy D. Hemphill said...

Lovely outfts!

Anonymous said...

Who in the world is Emma Pillsbury?