Saturday, October 6, 2012

Emma Pillsbury Fashion ID - The Break Up

Once again, hats off to Glee's new costume designer, Elizabeth Martucci, for bringing back the Emma Pillsbury style I fell in love with during Glee's inaugural season.

I love this look.  The geometric-print pencil skirt, paired with a simple pink crewneck top, is classic Emma Pillsbury.

Accessorized with a vintage pink flamingo brooch.  Can you even stand it?!?

At first when i saw this look, I thought, "another Kate Spade beaded Kati cardigan?"

But upon closer inspection, I could see that this isn't Kate Spade at all.  The unique and intricate beading leads me to believe it's probably vintage.

As a TV and fashion devotee, I appreciate attention to detail in costuming.  It brings a layer of depth to a character in any type of series - drama, comedy, or musical.  Isn't Emma Pillsbury the type of character who would drop into her favorite vintage shop to see what new one-of-a-kind baubles the proprietor selected just for her regular customers?  And wouldn't she flip through the sale racks in retail stores, mixing and matching pieces that spoke to her personal style?

Dressing characters on television is an art. It requires imagination, creativity, and a sense of fun.

I'm excited about this season of Glee, and Emma's wardrobe is one of the reasons.  What are your thoughts about her looks so far? 

J.Crew Tippi Sweater in Classic Pink - $79.50
(I'm not positive that this is the exact top she's wearing, but it was the closest I found...)

Emma Pillsbury's look on a budget:

Total cost:  $60


MC said...

It's so nice to see Emma's style going back to its season one roots, instead of her wearing an all Kate Spade wardrobe. This week's outfits were great, especially the flamingo brooch.

Some Girl said...

I actually don't think Emma would wear vintage. Think of the germs!

Anonymous said...

The Geo-Mod skirt is currently on sale at 1/2 price with the UK Anthropologie site (now £40) - not sure if its the same for other regions but might be worth a look. Just ordered mine!