Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Emma Pillsbury Fashion ID - Goodbye

Emma finished out the season in a compilation of her most-worn brands.

At graduation, she hands out diplomas in a blue beaded cardigan, white pencil skirt, and skinny bow belt.

Kate Spade Beaded Kati Cardigan - $298
Kate Spade All Wrapped Up Bow Belt - no longer available (the belt Emma's wearing is yellow. I don't remember seeing this belt in yellow, so this may be some kind of awesome Frankenbelt made by the costume department.)

As the Glee gang waves Rachel off to New York City, Emma wears her signature white bow blouse with her blue and yellow striped and dotted skirt, and a yellow jacket with white piping.

Kate Spade Valerie Jacket - no longer available
Anna Sui Trampoline Skirt - no longer available

And of course, Emma stepped on the stage and trod the pavement in her trusty J.Crew Penelope Mary Jane Pumps.

It may be time to say goodbye to Season 3 of Glee, but that means it's time to say hello to some of my favorite WWEPW features. Get ready for the 3rd Annual Ultimate Outfit Tournament, coming soon!

Screencaps from Home of the Nutty.

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The Way We Were said...

KS valerie jacket in yellow...I saw this in size 0 and 4 recently at our local Nordstrom Rack for around 150 can check your local outlet stores such as off saks or Norstrom Rack...