Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Emma Pillsbury Fashion ID - Dance With Somebody

Confession.  I didn't watch Glee.

I just fast-forwarded to see what Emma was wearing.

I thought we were done with theme shows.  They're wearing thin.

Anyway.  Lots of Emma tonight.  Wearing lots of Kate Spade.  Which is also wearing thin.

Outfit 1:
Kate Spade Caroline Sweater - $106
Kate Spade Louella Skirt - $368
Kate Spade Octagonal Necklace - $178

Outfit 2:
Anthropologie Field Flowers Cardigan - no longer available
White Bow Blouse

Outfit 3:
Kate Spade Lillith Skirt - no longer available
J.Crew Cashmere Tee (perhaps) -$148
Kate Spade Poppy Fields Link Bracelet - no longer available
Lobster Brooch (probably vintage) - try Etsy!

Outfit 4:
Kate Spade Caroline Sweater - $178
Kate Spade Enchanted Garden Necklace - no longer available
Marc Jacobs Bow Skirt - no longer available


Kelly G. said...

I haven't watched tonight's episode yet, but I completely agree about theme episodes. They always feel forced and impede plot development. But I still love Emma in Kate Spade. I just wish I could afford Kate Spade.

bridget anne said...

seriously? how is she so amazing? i adore your blog...it's filled a great niche for emma-crazed fans. i have to admit, i kind of love that kate spade skirt. so kaleidoscopic!

Anonymous said...

Really. You feel the whole reason your blog exists is wearing thin? Even if her items are more consistently Kate Spade recently, it still falls in line with the same style Emma had when she was first introduced. If you're losing passion for this blog, end it. Don't take it out on how Glee's stylists continue with what works.

Danielle said...

No, Cookie. I didn't say the reason or passion for my blog was wearing thin. I said all the Kate Spade was wearing thin. There's a difference.

Tea said...

I totally have to agree with you Danielle...all the Kate Spade is wearing a little thin :( Which is not to say my love for Kate Spade or for Emma Pillsbury-soon-to-be-Schuester is wearing thin. No, not at all.

But I want to be surprised by her outfits. Not to expect with 99.9% certainty (disclaimer: this statistic was not scientifically calculated) that there will be an entirely Kate Spade outfit in each episode.

And yes Emma did always wear Kate Spade but not nearly so much. I want her to be adventurous and individual not look like she stepped out of a Kate Spade lookbook.

Plus incorporating less expensive brands made her look accessible and we loved her for that too :)

I'm going to share my reasoning here because my love for Lou has not diminished either. You see what I think has happened is that Ryan Murphy has cut Emma's scenes from so many episodes that Lou and the costume department don't want to spend days putting together inpired outfits only to have them never see the light of out tv screens. It must be heartbreaking for them. So what we get is pretty but a little less inspired, expensive but easier to put together ;)

Danielle, I hope you don't mind me going on so long but I needed to vent on that :D

Danielle said...

Couldn't have said it better myself, Tea! :)

Kylie said...

Any idea or suggestions on what shoes to wear with tke Octagonal Skirt? By the way, that entire pattern just hit the sale section on the Kate Spade website :)

Anonymous said...

You didn't have to say it. It is evident by the frequency of your posts and the content within those posts. It's a shame too, I really enjoyed following your blog even after my interest in Glee declined.

Good luck in your continued passion.

Danielle said...

As a blogger, it is very interesting to receive comments like yours, Cookie, which are rooted in assumptions rather than truths. In fact, the frequency and content of my posts are not a reflection of my interest in or passion for this blog, but a practical reflection of the amount of time I have to devote to it, given other responsibilities I have in my life at this time. Not that I need to explain that to you or be defensive, but I thought you should know. I'm sorry you think that's a shame. I would like to devote more time to this blog, but I simply cannot right now. So what I can do is post when I am able, and be thankful for the readers I have who still enjoy the content I am able to provide. I am sure that I will return to more frequent posting soon, but until then, this is what I can do. If you interpret that as losing passion, so be it.

Thanks for reading WWEPW while you did. Good luck to you, too.

Possessionista said...

I totally agree with you Danielle. Emma's style may be the same, but it reads like a Kate Spade/Milly commercial, rather than a carefully curated look that we first fell in love with Emma for.

When Glee first started there was definite character development associated with where the characters shopped. Rachel's clothes came from Forever21 because she was desperate to be trendy (but always got it wrong.) Quinn shopped at Anthropologie because she was wealthy. And Emma's vintage pieces were mixed in with JCrew, Banana Republic making everyday mall stores aspirational.

Now it's just Milly/Juicy/Tory Burch/Kate Spade. Maybe it fits with the aesthetic, but it certainly doesn't fit the characters.

Then again, neither do most of the plotlines of Glee anymore.

That's really the shame, isn't it?