Sunday, April 29, 2012

Emma Pillsbury Style Palooza

Lots of lookalikes lately!  Check them out...

If you liked Emma Pillsbury's abstract floral pencil skirt,

you might like these abstract floral pencil skirts.

J.Crew Pencil Skirt in Gardenshade Floral - $99.99

Banana Republic Mirabelle Blooms Pencil Skirt
- $89.50

If you liked Emma Pillsbury's blue jacket with red piping,

you might like this blue blouse with red piping.

Modcloth Hit The Book-Fair Top - $39.99

If you liked Emma Pillsbury's floral skirt in fall colors,

you might like this floral bow blouse in fall colors.

Modcloth From Where Beauty Stems Blouse - $44.99

If you liked Emma Pillsbury's black and white polka dot skirt,

J.Crew Pop Art Polka Dot Pencil Skirt - $189.99

If you liked Emma Pillsbury's owl-print blouse,

you might like this owl-print blouse.

Modcloth Hoot Do You Do Top - $44.99

If you liked Emma Pillsbury's lace top,

you might like these lace tops.

ASOS Floral Lace Peplum Top - $50.90

J.Crew Ultra Eyelet Shell - $98

Happy shopping, WWEPWers! If you've put together a fabulous outfit, Emma Pillsbury style, send me an email. We haven't featured WWEWPers' amazing style in a Channeling Emma feature in a while!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Emma Pillsbury Fashion ID - Dance With Somebody

Confession.  I didn't watch Glee.

I just fast-forwarded to see what Emma was wearing.

I thought we were done with theme shows.  They're wearing thin.

Anyway.  Lots of Emma tonight.  Wearing lots of Kate Spade.  Which is also wearing thin.

Outfit 1:
Kate Spade Caroline Sweater - $106
Kate Spade Louella Skirt - $368
Kate Spade Octagonal Necklace - $178

Outfit 2:
Anthropologie Field Flowers Cardigan - no longer available
White Bow Blouse

Outfit 3:
Kate Spade Lillith Skirt - no longer available
J.Crew Cashmere Tee (perhaps) -$148
Kate Spade Poppy Fields Link Bracelet - no longer available
Lobster Brooch (probably vintage) - try Etsy!

Outfit 4:
Kate Spade Caroline Sweater - $178
Kate Spade Enchanted Garden Necklace - no longer available
Marc Jacobs Bow Skirt - no longer available

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Emma Pillsbury Fashion ID - Saturday Night Gleever

I'm back!

And so is Emma, in one of her signature monochromatic looks.

Beaded Eglantine Cardigan from Anthropologie - no longer available

I haven't identified the lacy top underneath, yet - if you know what it is, send me an email!
J.Crew Bracelet - no longer available

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Emma Pillsbury Style - Eva Franco Dress

My friends at Eva Franco let me know that Emma's one-of-a-kind Eva Franco skirt from The Spanish Teacher has a "sister" piece - a dress in the same pattern and a different colorway.

Sample 1538 - $267.99

It's part of Modcloth's Be The Buyer feature. If you'd like to see this dress put into production, then click it to pick it!

(You can also vote for Sample 1540 by Eva Franco, worn by Quinn in "On My Way.")

This is not a sponsored post.