Saturday, January 28, 2012

Emma Pillsbury Fashion ID - L'ezu Wedding Gown on Glee

Photo credit: L'ezu blog

Once again, Beverly Hills couture bridal atelier L'ezu has partnered with Glee to outfit Jayma Mays as Emma Pillsbury in a wedding gown for the episode "Yes/No."

L'ezu designer Patricia Nevil created the custom-made 1980s gown worn by Emma Pillsbury in "Mash-Up,"

as well as the wedding dress worn by Finn's mother, Carole Hudson, in "Furt."

Screencaps: Home of the Nutty

I'm glad we got to see the top of this gown in full, since the spray of flowers hid much of it during the episode. It's lovely.

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Barbee said...

I love how, assuming they show the Wemma wedding (and why wouldn't they?), we will see Emma in no fewer than four wedding gowns: the "Diana," the J. Crew, the Yes/No, and whatever she actually wears. Am I missing any?